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What is the entourage effect?

How cannabis compounds could be working together There’s a lot more to cannabis than THC and CBD. It actually contains more than a hundred [...]

  • The dog itches in field of flowers

CBD oil for dogs with allergies

It’s estimated that around a quarter of people living in the developed world now have some form of allergy. Whether it’s seasonal pollen or peanuts, [...]

  • Squinting dog laying on couch

Will my dog get high on CBD oil?

The recent rise in cannabis-infused products for dogs isn’t about producing a generation of canine stoners. Giving CBD oil to your dog won’t suddenly [...]

  • dog licking CBD oil

How do I give my dog CBD oil?

The benefits of CBD oil stay pretty consistent across the spectrum of CBD-related products, but methods of applying it don’t. In fact, there are [...]

  • White dog lying on bed

Dog seizures while sleeping

Seizures are a common condition in dogs. In fact, 1 in 20 of our four-legged friends experience at least one fit or convulsion [...]

  • Shaggy dog looking worried

Cluster seizures in dogs

Here’s an FAQ on an alarming but relatively common condition affecting many dogs: cluster seizures. What is a cluster seizure? Cluster seizures are [...]

  • Dog laying on floor

How to tell if a dog is in pain

Nobody likes to learn that the favorite member of the family is experiencing discomfort. But worse than knowing that your dog is in pain, [...]

  • dog sniffing hemp leaf

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil has received a huge amount of attention in recent years for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects—for humans and dogs alike. As a [...]

  • Dog with head between paws

What causes seizures in dogs?

Many owners have experienced seizures in their dogs. In fact, according to veterinarians at VCA Animal Hospital, fits or convulsions are among the most [...]

  • Small dog with one ear up

Benadryl for dogs with anxiety

Unlike most human-grade medications, veterinarians often give the green light to Benadryl for treating canine anxiety. Benadryl is not approved for use in [...]

  • Dog and owner in the sun

What causes cancer in dogs?

It’s an unfortunate truth that dogs rank highly among animals likely to develop cancer at some point in their life. With owners taking better [...]

  • Woman and dog at river

How to calm an anxious dog

Maybe you’ve noticed a recent change in your pup’s behavior, or perhaps you always knew your special guy was shyer than most? Either [...]

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