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Dogs are the most common of pets, and they often mean the world to their owners. Our canine friends bring more joy, laughter, and companionship into our lives than most of us could ever dream of. However, being a dog owner also comes with great difficulties, especially when our furry friends begin to suffer from pain, chronic disease, or any other ailment. Most dog owners will do anything to ease the suffering of their pet.

Here at CBD Oil for Dogs, we aim to inform dog owners about the benefits of CBD oil use for dogs, the different ailments CBD oil can treat in dogs, and sound advice on choosing CBD oil products. In recent years CBD oil has shown that it has incredible healing and therapeutic benefits on humans, and these benefits have now been shown to work for dogs as well.

Common Ailments

Dogs get many of the same diseases and health issues that humans do. They can suffer from anxiety, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, muscle pain, seizures, and general discomfort. This can cause even the most basic movements and activities to be a struggle, it’s never pleasant to see your once active and happy dog struggle to walk up the stairs, or your puppy anxiously whining and stressed out on a car ride. CBD oil can help with numerous health and behavioral issues in dogs, and make their lives more pleasant.

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if you’ve lived with a dog that has an anxiety you know that it can be serious and even come to control parts of their lives.

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If you’re a parent to a furry friend who has a chronic pain condition, you know there is nothing worse than watching them suffer.

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If your dog has seizures, you know that dealing with these symptoms is not easy, for either your or your pup.

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Although the effects of cancer in dogs can vary, one thing is certain: cancer seriously hurts your dog’s well-being.

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Dosage Guide

Due to the vast differences in size and weights of different dogs, there is no one size fits all dosage. In addition, the presenting issue or pain level a dog is experiencing will require different levels of dosage. Our dosage guide will give you a better idea of the amount of CBD oil to provide your dog based on their size and severity of pain.

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Weight Mild
< 25 lbs 4.5 mg 6 mg 9 mg
26-45 lbs 6 mg 9 mg 12 mg
46-85 lbs 9 mg 12 mg 15 mg
86-150 lbs 12 mg 15 mg 18 mg
151-240 lbs 18 mg 22.5 mg 30 mg
< 241 lbs 22.5 mg 30 mg 45 mg

About Us

Dogs are so much more than simply man’s best friend:  Dogs are family. 

From the constant, uncomplicated companionship that they provide to the endless amount of joy and love they bring into our lives, dogs bring out the very best in humanity time and time again.  For almost any dog owner, the driving desire to provide the best life imaginable for their furry friend is at the core of nearly every decision – from finding the best food, taking them to the best vet, and providing them with the best products that will enhance their daily lives. 

Among one of the newest lines of healthcare products for our canine companions is CBD oil for dogs.  As science continues to uncover the bounty of benefits that CBD oil can have for dogs, new products and supplements seem to be hitting the shelves at a rapid pace.  While the health benefits of CBD oil for dogs are undeniable, from reducing anxiety to improving skin conditions, heart health to seizure reduction, and beyond – how are you supposed to know what brands use quality ingredients, what products are safe, and which CBD oils are effective in helping your pup?

About Us

About Us

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About Us

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