Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures

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Which CBD oil is best for dogs who live with
Fits and seizures?

Summer 2022 update | 4 min read
Tested by Amy (Head of Reviews)

Canine seizures are an upsetting and common condition – and while they’re often more scary than serious – it’s important for dogs to receive effective treatments without side effects.

A growing number of pet owners and animal healthcare experts have found that CBD oil for dogs can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures, offering a legitimate alternative or supplement to existing treatments.

Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

2022 Review results:

🎉 Winner: Honest Paws Well

Best value: Simple Wag

Runner-up: Receptra Pet

Third-place: Charlotte’s Web

We also like: NuLeaf Naturals

We also like: Holistapet

The winning CBD oil in last year’s “Overall Best” list, Honest Paw’s Wellness blend is a pure oil formula. No additional ingredients—just organic, full spectrum, terpene-rich CBD oil. Recent batch tests show that Honest Paws’ hemp extract is particularly relevant for dogs with seizure conditions.

Where to buy:
Honest Paws Website

Why trust our reviews?

Our team is made of CBD experts, dog owners, and pet industry specialists. We’re dedicated to all things pet CBD and we take our recommendations seriously.

To guide dog owners through buying CBD products, we use unbiased information from independent labs and real customers.

In our analysis of 38 CBD brands, we looked at hemp farming practices, CBD extraction methods, product recipes, and dog owners’ testimonials.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Yes. CBD oils for dogs are natural supplements made from hemp – a non-intoxicating type of cannabis. CBD doesn’t cause a high and is taken by thousands of dogs and humans each day for seizures and other inflammatory conditions.

Pets should never consume cannabis products made for humans, as these may contain large amounts of THC.

How do we rate CBD oils?

We rate CBD oils for dogs with seizures by extract-quality and online customer reviews.

  • CBD extract quality

    The best CBD oils for canine seizures are full-spectrum. This means they contain all the active compounds present in the original hemp plant.

    Studies show that CBD oils with supplementary compounds such as CBD-V may be more effective at reducing symptoms, so we analyze batch tests to make sure our recommended products contain safe, well-rounded CBD.

  • Customer reviews

    Owners of dogs with seizures often have a deep understanding of their pets’ condition, from knowing what triggers a fit, to observing the side effects of medications.

    We analyze independent reviews from Google and Facebook to see what real people say about CBD oils – and whether they really make a difference for dogs with seizures.

How CBD works for seizures

CBD oil is rarely a complete cure for seizures, but due to the way it affects the body’s inflammatory response, it does reduce symptoms in many dogs and humans.

CBD interacts with a part of dogs’ bodies called the endocannabinoid system, a regulating mechanism capable of reducing inflammation across major organs.

By stimulating this system, CBD changes brain activity, altering the signals between neurons and reducing the chance of a convulsion.

CBD is also known to reduce nausea and inflammation often associated with convulsions.

Jump down to the science of CBD, including recent clinical studies.

2022 Full reviews

1. Best CBD oil for dogs with seizures
Honest Paws Well CBD Oil

CBD quality

Organic full-spectrum



575+ ratings


When it comes to simple, high-quality CBD oil for dogs, we don’t think there’s any better option than Honest Paws Well Oil. There are no added or artificial ingredients to be found here, just a rich, full-spectrum CBD extract made from organic Colorado hemp, infused into an organic MCT oil that adds beneficial Omega fats to the mix.

Recent batch tests for Honest Paws Well confirm that it contains a wide range of active hemp compounds – which is important for dogs with chronic inflammatory conditions such as seizures, as it helps release the full anti-inflammatory benefits of the hemp plant.

Feedback from previous Honest Paws consumers is also highly positive, with an average rating of 4.9 from over 575 reviews.

Looking at independent review sources such as Google and Facebook, we found multiple testimonials about dogs who experienced reduced seizure frequency or intensity when supplementing with Honest Paws Well.

Brand: Honest Paws
2022 score: 1st place
Made for: General inflammation

Active ingredients: CBD
Concentration: 125 – 1000 mg
Quality testing: Read the lab report

Brand: Honest Paws
2022 score: 1st place
Made for: Arthritis

Active ingredients: CBD, Turmeric
Concentration: 125 – 1000 mg
Quality testing: Read the lab report

Label accuracy: 97.08% accurate

Cannabinoids: 6/7 beneficial cannabinoids

Carrier oil: Hemp Seed Oil

Owner reviews: 4.9/5 stars from 575+ reviews

Shopping experience: Free shipping on orders over $48, Subscribe and save 15%

Safe, balanced THC: Safe for dogs (0.05% THC)

2. Best value CBD oil for dogs with seizures
Simple Wag CBD Oil

CBD quality

Organic full-spectrum



(New product)


When we reviewed the top 38 CBD brands that offer pet-friendly products, none could match Simple Wag for value for money.

Despite being one of the most wallet-friendly CBD oils for dogs, Simple Wag use a USDA-certified organic full-spectrum hemp extract in their products that lab tests show is comparable to premium producers like Honest Paws (above).

Available in three different concentrations to suit different breeds and bodyweight, we recommend Simple Wag for any dog with ongoing inflammatory needs.

Brand: Simple Wag
2022 score: 2nd
Made for: General inflammation

Active ingredients: CBD
Concentration: 300 – 900 mg
Quality testing: Read the lab report

Brand: Simple Wag
2022 score: 2nd
Made for: General inflammation

Active ingredients: CBD
Concentration: 300 – 900 mg
Quality testing: Read the lab report

3. Runner up CBD oil for dogs with seizures
Receptra Naturals

CBD quality




158+ ratings


Receptra is an awesome all-round brand. Their CBD oil for dogs contains more CBD-V than any other on the market, yet they also manage to offer excellent value for money.

With a high-quality hemp extraction and a price of just 6 cents per mg of CBD, we had to give Receptra a top-three spot in our list of CBD oils for dogs with seizures. So, for owners considering CBD as a long-term treatment, this is definitely a product to take closer look at.

Label Accuracy: 95.2% Accurate

Cannabinoids: 5/7 beneficial cannabinoids (including CBD-V)

Carrier Oil: Organic MCT/Coconut oil

Owner Reviews: 4.9 / 5 stars from 158 reviews

Shopping experience: 30-day money-back guarantee, Free shipping on all orders

Safe THC? Yes (Safe for dogs and all pets)

4. Third place CBD oil for dogs with seizures
Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract

CBD quality




71+ ratings


Charlotte’s Web immediately stands out amongst other CBD oils for a couple of reasons. It’s one of a few oils that lives up to the full-spectrum label, with an extraction containing all seven main cannabinoids—including a higher than average amount of CBD-V.

Charlotte’s Web was also founded as part of a mission to fight seizures. The company is named after Charlotte Figi, a girl with a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte was able to reduce her symptoms and improve her quality of life by supplementing with CBD, leading to a large increase in public awareness of cannabis’s anti-seizure potential.

Label Accuracy: 100% accurate

Cannabinoids: 7/7 beneficial cannabinoids (including CBD-V)

Carrier Oil: MCT/Coconut oil

Owner Reviews: Minimal independent reviews

Shopping experience: Free shipping on orders over $74, Subscribe and save 10%

5. We also like for seizures
NuLeaf Naturals

CBD quality




171+ ratings


Like Charlotte’s Web, NuLeaf Naturals are a seed-to-shelf cannabis company, which means they keep close working relationships with their farmers – in this case, fully organic hemp farms in Colorado.

The extract used in NuLeaf products is true full-spectrum CBD, infused in an organic virgin hemp seed oil carrier, which supports maximum absorption into the body thanks to a great ratio of Omega fats.

Another factor separating NuLeaf from the pack is their number of available online reviews – now approaching 2000 on their brand website. Despite the high number, owner feedback is consistently positive, with an average product rating of 4.3 out of 5.

With so many reviews available online, it gives us a great opportunity to see how owners of dogs with seizures find NuLeaf Naturals over the long-term.

Label Accuracy: 93.5% Accurate

Cannabinoids: 5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

Carrier Oil: Hemp Seed Oil

Owner Reviews: 4.3/5 stars from 171 reviews

Shopping experience: Free shipping, Subscribe and save 10%

Safe THC? Yes. Safe for dogs and all pets

6. We also like for seizures
Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD quality




139+ ratings


Rounding off our list of the best CBD oils for dogs with seizures is Holistapet’s broad-spectrum pet tincture. Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain a narrower range of active hemp compounds, meaning that they may have slightly less-potent effects.

However, some owners prefer narrow-range CBD products due to personal preferences, individual state laws, or concerns about product purity.

If you’re looking for a non-full-spectrum CBD oil that should help reduce seizure-associated inflammation in dogs, we think you should give Holistapet a try.

The science of CBD and seizures

Unlike some supplement products, CBD has a real clinical record when it comes to having a positive effect on seizure symptoms in dogs.

Researchers are currently assessing the benefits of CBD for a wide range of common inflammatory canine conditions, such as anxiety, arthritis, and digestion issues.

Recent research on CBD and seizures

In 2018, the FDA made its first-ever approval of a CBD-based drug. Called Epidiolex, it’s intended for humans with two types of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. A second CBD-based treatment is also in development, containing the secondary cannabinoid CBD-V.

A randomized 2019 study using dogs with seizures by Colorado State University found that a medium daily dose of CBD was able to reduce both seizure frequency and intensity when compared to a placebo.

CBD spectrum

Any CBD oil made from healthy hemp plants can help reduce inflammatory symptoms in dogs. But some CBD oils have more potential to fight seizures than others.

Cannabis experts agree that products containing full-spectrum extracts usually offer greater benefits than other types of CBD products.

CBD “spectrum” describes the diversity of hemp compounds found in a CBD product:

  • Full-spectrum CBD extracts contain a variety of active hemp compounds, such as CBC, CBN, CBD-A, and CBD-V
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extracts are processed to produce a curated selection of cannabinoids (often done to comply with stricter state laws)
  • Isolate CBD extracts are heavily processed to remove all hemp compounds besides CBD

Beyond CBD spectrum, the quality of hemp plants and manufacturing processes play a big role in how potent and well-rounded a CBD extract is.

For dogs with seizures, we always recommend full-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD-V and other cannabinoids

Even among full-spectrum CBD oils, there are differences worth noting. Depending upon the sub-species of a hemp plant, different combinations of cannabinoids (active hemp compounds) may be present in a CBD extract.

Of the hundreds of active compounds contained in hemp flowers, two have been identified in clinical research as showing the best anticonvulsant effects: these are CBD and CBD-V.

Because of this, we look for extracts that contain high amounts of CBD and CBD-V when recommending products for dogs with seizures.

CBD-V (Cannabidivarin)

The compound CBD-V is very similar to CBD. But some research, including this 2013 study, suggests its different molecular structure may make it more effective at reducing the effects of pentylenetetrazol (PTZ)-induced seizures.

CBD and treatment alternatives

Part of the excitement surrounding CBD is caused by dissatisfaction with existing seizure treatments for dogs.

Pharmaceutical drugs like phenobarbital and potassium bromide do work well for some pets but can have serious adverse side effects for others, such as liver toxicity and blood cell loss.

Traditional medications are also rarely a cure for seizures, with dogs needing to continue prescriptions for their entire lives.

Researchers estimate that as many as 40 percent of canine epilepsy cases are drug-resistant. When a condition is classed as drug-resistant, it means that at least two different drugs have been tried and failed.

Another issue with traditional anticonvulsant drugs is that they’ve been known to lose effectiveness without a clear reason.

CBD, on the other hand, is showing similar and reliable results in a significant number of dogs, with a preferable side effect profile.

What causes seizures in dogs?

Environmental triggers

Not all canine seizures are caused by triggers, but keeping a record book of how and when your dog’s seizures occur may help you find patterns and tell-tale signs that a convulsion is imminent.

Common seizure triggers include:

  • Stress, panic, and intense anxiety
  • Dramatic changes in air pressure or weather
  • Being suddenly woken

Whatever a dog’s seizure triggers are, identifying them helps owners to minimize exposure and better prepare.


A diet that’s rich in fatty acids may help to reduce seizures in some dogs. Clinical studies have found that a diet of high-quality fats and proteins (a Keto diet) reduced symptoms in dogs with seizure conditions.

Hempseed oil is a great fatty acid supplement, being a rich source of omega 3 and omega 6 oils.


Several household items that are safe for humans to consume can cause fits and seizures in dogs. These include:

  • Xylitol – a sweetener used in many food and drink products
  • Caffeine – a stimulant found in coffee, tea, soda drinks, sports drinks, and supplement powders

CBD oil for dogs with seizures – FAQ

  • What is CBD oil for dogs with seizures?
  • How does CBD oil work with seizures?
  • What size CBD oil should I buy?
  • Should I buy CBD oils or CBD dog treats for dogs with seizures?
  • How do I give my dog CBD oil for seizures?
  • How much CBD should I give my dog for seizures? (dosages)
  • How do I tell if my dog’s CBD oil is working?
  • Can dogs overdose from CBD oil?
  • Does CBD oil for dogs have any side effects?
  • Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs with seizures?
  • Can dogs take CBD with other seizure medications?
What is CBD oil for dogs with seizures?

CBD oil for seizures in dogs is a natural supplement produced by combining a fatty oil (coconut or hemp seed oil) with a hemp plant extract. Hemp is a non-intoxicating cannabis species with a high concentration of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the buds.

Cannabinoids are natural anti-inflammatory substances. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids in hemp, along with terpenes, which are relaxing fragrant oils.

How does CBD oil work with seizures?

With research still in its early stages, it’s not known exactly how CBD helps prevent seizures in dogs or humans.

However, researchers suspect that CBD’s antiseizure effects may come from reducing the sensitivity of certain neurons and receptors.

CBD is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Seizures are often triggered by increased brain inflammation.

Therefore, by reducing brain inflammation, CBD may help prevent the conditions where seizures are more likely to occur.

What size CBD oil should I buy?

The amount of CBD oil that a dog needs is often determined by their size and weight, as well as the intensity of their seizure disorder.

A daily dose of CBD administered regularly over several weeks or months may be more beneficial to dogs with continuing seizure issues (or indefinitely). A medium-to-large size CBD oil will provide the best value for money in these situations.

Should I buy CBD oils or CBD dog treats for dogs with seizures?

In most cases, the CBD extract contained in a treat or oil product is the same. So whether you go with one type of product or the other is generally a matter of personal preference.

CBD treats may be more appealing to dogs who are wary of medications. Treats are also easy to transport and use when you’re not at home.

CBD oils can be given directly to dogs or mixed into food and non-CBD treats, allowing owners to customize dosage.

Aside from personal taste, most experts recommend CBD oils since combining CBD with a fatty oil (such as coconut or hempseed oil) can improve absorption during digestion.

Here’s this year’s list of the best CBD dog treats.

How do I give my dog CBD oil for seizures?

CBD isn’t a direct treatment for seizures and shouldn’t be used in a reactive way, so don’t try to give your dog CBD oil during or directly after a convulsion or fit.

Instead, use CBD oil as a daily supplement with the idea that its effects will build over the long term.

Most people add a few drops of CBD oil to their dog’s food every day for seizures. This eliminates the requirement for an additional routine in their schedule.

How much CBD should I give my dog for seizures? (dosages)

When it comes to seizures, most dogs need a moderate-to-high dose of CBD to feel the benefits. That said, dosages can also vary widely, and most owners will spend a week or two dialing in their pet’s dose when beginning CBD treatment.

Because CBD is a supplement rather than a prescribable medication, there aren’t any official dosage instructions. Instead, most CBD experts agree that a dose of 0.2 mg of CBD per pound of body weight is a good place for owners to start.

From here, dog owners can carefully observe their pet for any effects, and gradually increase the dosage if necessary.

Daily routine or single dose?

Some people only recommend giving a dog CBD oil at the point of need. For example, during a fireworks display or a long road trip.

Using CBD in this reactive way may work for some dogs, but evidence from clinical studies suggests that a consistent daily dose is the best approach to using CBD for treating canine seizures and epilepsy.

How do I tell if my dog’s CBD oil is working?

Unlike some owners who use CBD to treat disorders like inflammation or anxiety, it should be reasonably obvious whether CBD supplementation is having a positive effect on dogs’ seizure conditions.

CBD is unlikely to completely resolve seizure symptoms, but for dogs who do respond positively, the frequency and/or intensity of symptoms should decrease.

Dogs who benefit from CBD oil may also show less sensitivity to environmental triggers and may experience less nausea as a result of seizure events.

In some dogs, these changes may be gradual, taking place over weeks or months. In these cases, it can be helpful to keep a symptom diary or tracker to record subtler improvements.

Can dogs overdose from CBD oil?

CBD and other hemp compounds do not generate psychotropic or harmful effects, so overdosing on CBD oil is not a realistic possibility.

When scientists tested the upper limits of CBD consumption on monkeys in the early twentieth century, they discovered that long-term exposure to exceptionally high doses of CBD could cause liver damage.

To approach this threshold, dogs would have to consume many times the recommended dose, and would still be unlikely to experience irreversible damage.

Does CBD oil for dogs have any side effects?

While there is no evidence of CBD overdose, some owners have reported mild side effects after giving CBD oil to their dogs. These side effects could be caused by a reaction to the CBD extract, the high-fat carrier oil, or both.

The following are the most frequently reported CBD oil side effects in dogs:

  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Diarrhea
Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs with seizures?

Thanks to FDA approval, doctors can now recommend CBD to humans for certain seizure conditions. However, the same approval status doesn’t yet exist in the veterinary world, meaning that most vets are unable to recommend CBD oil for dogs in any official capacity.

However, laws surrounding CBD are quickly changing, and many animal healthcare experts are happy to discuss their personal views on the pros of CBD with dog owners.

Always talk with your vet before starting any new treatment or supplement with your dog.

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