After surveying hundreds of products, here are our picks for the best CBD oils for dogs in 2021.

We based our decisions on a wide range of factors, from analyzing lab reports and trawling through owner reviews, to checking label accuracy and calculating true value for money.

Take a look at the summary below, or scroll down for our full product analysis.

The best CBD oil for dogs

Best overall: Honest Paws – Calm

Best Overall
Honest Paws – Calm

Best for big dogs: Innovet – PURCBD

Best for big dogs
Innovet – PURCBD

Best full spectrum: Charlotte’s Web – Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops

Best full spectrum
Charlotte’s Web – Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops

Best value for money: Receptra – Pet Tincture

Best value for money
Receptra – Pet Tincture

Best THC-free: Joy Organics – Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Best THC-free
Joy Organics – Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Best isolate / for small dogs: Pet Releaf – ??

Best isolate for small dogs
Medterra – CBD Tincture

How do we score CBD oil for dogs?

Our scoring system incorporates all the aspects of CBD that owners care most about, weighted for importance.


Honest Paws

  • Label Accuracy
    97.1% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    6/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs
  • Carrier Oil
    Organic hemp seed oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.9/5.0 from 485 reviews

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping on orders over $48
    15% off subscribe and save

Honest Paws is one of the few CBD oil brands solely dedicated to pets, with that focus showing through in the quality of their ingredients.

Their CBD oil is safe, reliable, and effective. They use organic, non-GMO hemp that’s regularly tested and approved by lab results, all of which are easily accessible on their website.

CBD oils come in two main forms—isolates (just CBD) and full/broad spectrum (CBD plus other cannabis compounds).

Most brands, including Honest Paws, use a full or broad spectrum extraction, as this creates something called the ‘entourage effect’ where CBD is more effective when combined with other non-intoxicating cannabinoids.

Read: How other Cannabinoids Support CBD absorption.

As a true full spectrum product, Honest Paws products contain approximately 0.1 percent THC

While dogs should never consume large amounts of this cannabinoid, levels here are well below the legal limit of 0.3 percent, and should help safely enhance CBD absorption with zero adverse effects.

Looking at what other dog owners have to say, it’s clear that Honest Paws is a fan favorite. We aggregated 485 unbiased reviews from Google & Facebook, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Shopping with Honest Paws is also seamless. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping on orders over $48, and a 15 percent discount on repeat purchases.

We like Honest Paws’ Calm CBD oil, which contains additional chamomile extracts for their soothing effects. But they also carry:

  • Mobility – with turmeric to support CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects
  • Relief – with ginger extract for sensitive stomachs
  • Wellness – a plain and simple full spectrum oil

All of which we dive into in our complete review of Honest Paws.

We also ranked Honest Paws:

Most popular in our list of CBD Oils for dogs with anxiety.


Innovet Pet

  • Label Accuracy
    97.6% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs

  • Carrier Oil
    Hemp seed oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.87/5 stars from 412 reviews
  • Shopping experience
    Free no minimum shipping
    Subscribe and save 15%

For bigger dogs who require larger or more frequent CBD doses, cost becomes a more important factor.

We like that Innovet Pet’s CBD oil is offered in a wide variety of sizes, from a 125mg bottle all the way up to a whopping 6000mg, helping keep costs down.

With their largest size bottles, Innovet offers the cheapest cost per mg of CBD of any brand we tested. But there’s value for money across their entire product range, especially considering the quality of the brand’s CBD extraction.

Like Honest Paws, Innovet uses a full spectrum extraction, which helps dogs get the full effect of medicinal cannabis. However, because their oil contains a slightly narrower range of cannabinoids, we scored them a B+.

In terms of shopping experience, Innovet hit a home run, with free, no-minimum shipping and a 15 percent discount for returning customers.

We also ranked Innovet Pet

Top choice for inflammation in our list of CBD oils for arthritis, pain, and inflammation, thanks to high levels of CBD-A.


Charlotte’s Web

  • Label Accuracy
    100% accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    7/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil

  • Owner Reviews
    Minimal independent reviews

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping on orders over $74
    Subscribe and save 10%

Charlotte’s Web is one of the world’s largest producers of CBD, with its own Colorado farm and self-named strain of hemp.

Not surprisingly, their oil scores top marks for ingredient accuracy and cannabinoid range. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of CBD oils to contain each of the seven main cannabinoids.

Alongside plentiful amounts of CBD, this makes Charlotte’s Web the brand to choose if you’re looking for a thoroughly full spectrum product.

They’ve spent years carefully breeding plants to produce a potent blend of compounds, making their certified, accurately labeled products a safe choice for treating recurring pain, anxiety, and other chronic canine issues.

Charlotte’s Web does fall down in terms of owner feedback, though this is more due to a lack of owner reviews for the brand’s size, rather than the content of the reviews themselves (which are mostly positive.)

Learn more about these factors in our full review of Charlotte’s Web.

We also ranked Charlotte’s Web

Top choice in our list of CBD oils for cancer, due to high amounts of CBG and CBC. Both these cannabinoids have been associated with cancer reduction in clinical studies.


Receptra Naturals

  • Label Accuracy
    95.2% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs

  • Carrier Oil
    Organic MCT/Coconut oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.8/5 stars from 206 reviews

  • Shopping experience
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Free shipping on all orders

CBD can be expensive, so owners often look to balance cost with quality when using supplementation as a long term solution.

We think Receptra offers exactly this kind of balance, with a lower than average price per mg of CBD and a product that still scores well across our scoring factors.

Receptra’s extraction contains a good amount of CBD with extra supporting cannabinoids, making it on the lower end of ‘full spectrum’ range.

The brand does lose points for using an MCT oil rather than hemp seed oil carrier, and for not being officially certified by the US Hemp authority, though both of these factors likely contribute to Receptra’s lower retail cost.

Even though Receptra’s oil only scores a B+ in our cannabinoid category, thanks to a slightly narrower spectrum of cannabis compounds, it actually contains higher amounts of CBD-V than most other brands—which suggests it may be especially effective for treating seizures in dogs.

We also scored this brand in the second grading tier for labeling accuracy, meaning that we found variances of up to 5 percent between the amount of CBD listed on the label and what’s actually contained inside the bottle.

However, those variances were always above the label listing, never below, so owners aren’t losing out on any value for money.

We also ranked Receptra

Top choice in our list of CBD oils for dogs with seizures, because of its high levels of CBD-V.


Joy Organics

  • Label Accuracy
    98% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    3/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs (0% THC)

  • Carrier Oil
    Organic olive oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.7/5 stars from 389 reviews

  • Shopping experience
    Free no minimum shipping
    Subscribe and save 20%

Even though hemp-made oils only contain tiny traces of THC, many owners feel uncomfortable with any amount in their dog’s products.

Producers like Joy Organics are aware of this concern, and offer a solution that brings CBD’s benefits in a zero-THC format.

Their oils are a broad spectrum extraction, which means they’ve been modified to remove all THC while retaining lots of CBD and minor amounts of other cannabinoids—in this case, CBG.

CBG has been found to enhance anxiety-reduction and muscle-relaxation when consumed in cannabis infusions.

Because traces of THC are thought to contribute to CBD’s pain and anxiety-relieving effects, our scoring system does slightly penalize broad spectrum and isolate CBD oils. However, this shouldn’t be a concern for owners specifically interested in non-THC products.

In all other areas, Joy Organics is a heavy hitter. Customers can enjoy free, no-minimum 5-day shipping, and a whopping 20 percent discount when you subscribe for repeat orders.

The brand further separates itself from the crowd by offering an organic extra virgin olive oil option as a carrier.

While olive oil doesn’t offer the same fatty acid profile as hemp seed or MCT oil, it can blend better with food, and some dogs may be more receptive to its taste.

BEST ISOLATE for small dogs


Use promocode COFD and get 15% off

  • Label Accuracy
    90.2% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    1/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Safe, balanced THC
    Safe for dogs (0% THC)

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil
  • Owner Reviews
    4.6/5.0 from 539 reviews

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping on orders over $75
    Subscribe and save 15%

CBD isolates go further than broad spectrum extractions, removing all compounds apart from CBD. This leaves an oil that’s highly predictable and easy to dose—if a little less potent than wider spectrum products.

Owners of tiny pups and those with certain pre-existing conditions may favor isolate CBD because it allows for precisely measured smaller doses.

Read: How to calculate the right dosage for your dog.

We’ve chosen Medterra as our pick for best isolate CBD oil because of its US Hemp Authority certification, organic hemp, and an impressive amount of positive, independently verified reviews.

Adding to the appeal is the fact that Medterra offers beef and chicken versions of their isolate, infusing organic flavorings into their product to help tempt pickier pups.

Aside from their isolate oil, Medterra sells chews that contain additional superfood supplements. They also have a 15 percent discount for repeat orders and free shipping on orders over $49

Buying guide: How to choose the right CBD oil for your dog

The things owners need to consider when shopping for pet CBD

Full spectrum vs isolate CBD

One of the most common features advertised by CBD brands is spectrum. A product’s spectrum refers to the range of cannabis compounds captured during extraction.

  • Full spectrum CBD contains all the active cannabis compounds found in the original plant. Things like CBN, CBG, and CBD-V.

  • Broad spectrum CBD contains zero THC, and sometimes other curated cannabis compounds.

  • Pure isolate CBD contains CBD and no other cannabis compounds.

We prefer full spectrum oils because they give dogs the best chance of benefiting from the entourage effect:

The entourage effect says that cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to enhance CBD’s effects. When an oil contains a diverse range of cannabis compounds, dogs may feel more benefits than when supplementing with pure CBD.

Read our article on everything we currently know about the entourage effect.

However, owners looking for zero-THC guarantees may feel more comfortable with a broad spectrum product. Isolate CBD is often cheaper, has a milder flavor, and is easier to dose for the tiniest pups.

Unfortunately, brands can use spectrum labels misleadingly, with not every full spectrum CBD containing a rich mix of cannabinoids. The only way for owners to know exactly what goes into a CBD extract is to read each product’s certificate of analysis, compiled by a third-party lab.

Here’s our explainer on the CBD spectrum, including how to read a certificate of analysis

The entourage effect

Many CBD extracts actually contain multiple cannabis compounds, each with its own role.

Most of these ingredients are separated into cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD and THC are the two most well-known cannabinoids, but there are lots more, including several that help with common canine conditions.

Terpenes are commonly found across plants, fruits, and essential oils—and there’s a ton in cannabis. Research suggests they can enhance cannabinoids, increasing their effect on the body.

Both compounds help dogs find relief by stimulating the endocannabinoid system (or ECS). This part of the body, common to humans and dogs, helps control inflammation in the brain, the digestive system, and the central nervous system.

Evidence suggests that cannabis compounds have a more potent effect on the endocannabinoid system when they’re delivered as one complete full spectrum extract. This is known as the entourage effect.

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