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About the brand: Who is BATCH CBD?

Batch is a Wisconsin CBD company that makes products for humans and dogs. They began as part of the state’s Hemp Pilot Program and have since grown to produce products for several CBD companies, as well as their own line of oils and edibles.

Product Reviews

Batch Pet CBD Oil Review:

BatchCBD pet-salmon-tincture-750-mg
  • Organic, US grown hemp

  • High cannabinoid count

  • Good value in largest size (1500mg)

  • Less updated lab report

  • Strong hemp flavor from its ethanol extraction method

Batch Pet CBD Oil is crafted with a full spectrum CBD extract derived from organic hemp grown in Wisconsin. The latest lab report for their 750mg Salmon tincture indicates a CBD content of 806mg, surpassing the stated amount, and includes 67.4mg of additional cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBDV, CBG, CBN, and THC.

This variety of five additional cannabinoids exceeds the average of three found across CBD oils from over 30 brands reviewed, and the 9% additional cannabinoid content is higher than the 8% average, suggesting a potent and diverse cannabinoid profile.

The lab report, dated September 9, 2022, is relatively recent, although a more recent report would provide better assurance of the product’s current consistency and quality.

Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture uses MCT oil as a carrier, known for its potential health benefits and efficient CBD delivery. The product is available in three sizes, offering 375, 750, and 1500mg CBD concentrations, and comes in three flavors: bacon, salmon, and chicken, catering to various canine preferences.


Regarding pricing, at $0.06 per mg of CBD for the highest concentration and $0.09 for the lowest concentration, the cost is considered very fair, reflecting the quality of CBD in Batch Pet CBD Oil. However, potential buyers should still consider the desirability of more up-to-date lab testing to confidently assess the product’s quality and potency.

Batch CBD Pet Tincture 750mg certificate of analysis - 09-16-2022

Lab report: Batch Pet CBD Oil

CBD Data Batch Pet CBD Oil Average
# of Additional Cannabinoids 5 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +9% +8%

Batch CBD Pet Treats Review:

  • Organic CBD

  • Contains therapeutic ingredients

  • Good pricing value

  • Low levels of additional cannabinoids

  • No small sizes (each chew contains 29mg CBD)

Batch CBD Pet Treats are produced using broad-spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp grown in Wisconsin. The most recent lab report for their 25 mg treat reveals a CBD content of 29 mg per treat, along with 0.86 mg of the additional cannabinoid CBG.

This profile includes only one additional cannabinoid, which is below the average of 1.5 additional cannabinoids found in CBD dog treats across over 30 brands reviewed. Furthermore, the 3% additional cannabinoid content is lower than the 7% average.

The lab report, dated November 8th, 2023, is quite recent, reflecting a commitment to providing up-to-date product information, which is more current than many other products on the market.

Batch CBD Pet Treats are formulated with non-GMO ingredients, including chickpea flour, potato flour, tapioca starch, glycerin, purified water, cane molasses, lecithin, safflower oil, peanut butter, ascorbic acid, glucosamine HCI, chondroitin sulfate, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), cannabidiol isolate (CBD), sorbic acid, calcium propionate, and vitamin E. Each pack contains 30 treats, totaling 750mg of CBD, and the treats are peanut butter flavored, likely appealing to dogs.


Priced at $0.08 per mg of CBD, the cost is considered to fairly reflect the quality of CBD in Batch CBD Pet Treats. However, potential buyers should still consider the product’s cannabinoid profile and recent lab testing when assessing its overall value and suitability for their pets.

Batch CBD Pet Treats 25mg Certificate of Analysis from November 8th 2023

Lab report: Batch 25mg CBD Pet Treats

CBD Data Batch CBD Pet Treats Average
# of Additional Cannabinoids 1 / 7 1.5 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +3% +7%

Batch Customer Opinions:

Batch CBD has 4.9 star rating from 49 reviews and a 5.0 star rating from its 27 Facebook reviews. As the brand produces both human and pet CBD oil, it does not have as many pet-specific testimonials. Nonetheless, its customers like them.

“Great products from great people! Also custom service is #1 they go above and beyond to help with any issues.” – Gail Streeter, Google review

“I visited their kiosk at Tails on the Trail last June. I started using their product for myself and my 3 old dogs. We all sleep better and feel better. The rep was excellent- patient and informative. I have tried a few others but no product works as well. I use both the 2000 and 1000 mg tinctures for myself and 250 for my dogs.” – Gina Wurtzel, Google review

“I am successfully using Dream Batch for myself and decided to try the Pet Batch. I have a very senior, 6 lb chihuahua who has arthritis and recently has developed frequent sundowners during the night where she is tense, restless and sits and stares. Because of her small size, I started her on 0.25 ml but saw no improvement. She does like the flavor of Pet and she is notoriously picky!  The next night I upped the dose to 0.5 ml for several nights. Her behavior did improve, but not consistently. After almost a week with still inconsistent improvement, I upped the dose to 0.75 ml. Bingo! No more crazy nights! We both sleep well. She seems spunkier the next day. Perhaps the CBD has helped with her aches and pains. Thank you Batch!!” – Linda Geremina, Google review

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Our Verdict:

Batch CBD’s line of pet products make a strong impression with their quality and effectiveness. Their full-spectrum Pet Oil, made from organic Wisconsin-grown hemp, provides a rich cannabinoid profile that’s a cut above the average.

Although Batch might not have a vast array of independent reviews, the high customer satisfaction rating speaks volumes about the brand’s reliability and product quality.

The only caveat is the absence of a money-back guarantee for opened products, which could be a factor for some buyers.

Overall, Batch CBD emerges as a trustworthy choice for pet owners seeking high-quality, effective CBD solutions for their pets.


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