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About the brand: Who is Joy Organics?

CEO and Co-Founder Joy Smith developed Joy Organics from a personal connection with CBD. As she started to struggle with sleep and other issues, she experimented with CBD on the recommendation of her son.

Finding that cannabis extracts were beneficial, but often inconsistent, she decided to take on the task of creating a consistent and effective CBD brand with the help of her co-founder and husband Todd Smith, who had nearly 30 years of experience with the world’s leading metabolic health company.

Despite having expanded to multiple storefront locations and employing a large team, Joy Organics remains a family run business today.

Product Reviews

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs Review:

Joy Organics CBD oil for dogs
  • Organic, US grown hemp

  • Few additional cannabinoids

  • Better value options available

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs delivers an above-average broad spectrum CBD extract, derived from hemp grown on USDA certified organic farms in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky. The latest lab report for their 900 mg tincture indicates an actual CBD content of 1066 mg, supplemented with an additional 73 mg of the cannabinoids CBDV and CBG.

While these two additional cannabinoids fall below the average count of three typically found across CBD oils from over 30 brands, their proportionate cannabinoid content of 8% aligns with the industry average. The lab report’s date, February 10th, 2023, places it within the standard timeframe for current lab reports in the industry.

The tincture utilizes organic extra-virgin olive oil as a carrier and is free from added flavors. While it is only available in two sizes – 450 and 900mg – it does cover a solid range of canine sizes and needs.


At $0.10 per mg of CBD, Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs positions itself as a competitively priced option. However, there are better value options out there. Honest Paws’ 1000mg CBD oils, for example, are priced at the same $0.10 per mg while providing a higher cannabinoid content and more diversity – boasting 6 to 7 additional cannabinoids depending on the specific oil.

Joy Organics 900mg CBD Lab Report from February 10 2023

Lab report: Joy Organics 900mg CBD

CBD Data Joy Organics CBD
Oil Tincture for Dogs
# of Additional Cannabinoids 2 / 7 4 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +8% +8%

Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews Review:

CBD Dog Treats from Joy Organics
  • High in CBG

  • Only one additional cannabinoid

  • Significantly overpriced

Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews also use an organic, broad spectrum hemp extract like its CBD oil but come with a significant pricing concern. Each pack of 30 beef-flavored chews contains 2 mg of CBD, and is priced at $34.95. This equates to $0.58 per mg of CBD – over three times higher compared to the average of $0.18 per mg seen across 50 CBD dog treat brands we reviewed.

. Before getting into the specifics, however, we’d like to mention that these treats are priced 3 times higher than the average CBD dog treat while providing just a slightly above average product.

Without the subscription savings, packs of 30 beef-flavored chews containing 2 mg of CBD each are priced at $34.95. This comes out to $0.58 per mg of CBD – compared to the average of $0.18 from the 50 CBD treats we reviewed.

The latest lab report, dated December 7, 2022, reveals that each 60 mg pack actually contains 62 mg of CBD, coupled with 8 mg of CBG. While CBG presence is commendable, representing an additional cannabinoid content of 13% versus the 7% average, the lone additional cannabinoid falls slightly below the average of 1.5 additional cannabinoids.

In addition to its CBD extract, Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews are made with ingredients that include acacia gum, beef liver, brewers yeast, calcium propionate, calcium sulfate, flax oil, glycerin microcrystalline cellulose, mixed tocopherols, natural bacon flavor, salt, sodium alginate sorbic acid, sunflower lecithin, sweet potato powder, and water.


Due to the pricing factor mentioned earlier, we would not recommend Joy Organics CBD chews. Still a good product in terms of its organic nature and high CBG levels, there are better CBD dog treats available, while also costing significantly less.

Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews 2mg Lab Report from December 7 2022

Lab report: Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews 2mg

CBD Data Joy Organics CBD
Dog Chews
# of Additional Cannabinoids 1 / 7 1.5 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +13% +7%


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