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About the brand:  Canna-Pet?

Canna-pet is one of the most established and well-known pet CBD manufacturers around. They’ve appeared in a variety of news outlets and gained acknowledgment from several scientific and research institutions, as well as canine charities.

As a brand, Canna-Pet focuses on the science of CBD, offering full-spectrum products that pick out specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds for their recipes. According to their website, they utilize industry-leading extraction and refinement techniques, which have earned them veterinarian recommendations and treatment coverage by major pet insurers.

Canna-pet says they are committed to only using organic non-GMO hemp for all their products, and are opposed to never working with unverified hemp for imported sources. This is great, however, we were unable to find information on exactly where the hemp that Canna-pet uses is sourced from.

Likewise, Canna-pet says that they test all of their products in independent laboratories for residual solvents, heavy metals, terpenes, and cannabinoid concentrations. As CBD is still unregulated by the FDA, this kind of 3rd party certification is industry standard, so it’s good to see that Canna-pet is going the extra mile for verification. However, Canna-pet also doesn’t seem to make this information available on their site. Ideally, consumers should be able to access the results of 3rd party testing, rather than relying on brand claims.

One thing that’s not difficult to access is the many Canna-pet testimonials the brand has gathered over the years. Their website lists over 1000 customer experiences, ranging from those using CBD on their chickens to dog owners who have seen improvements in their dog’s recovery from degenerative conditions, surgeries, and even cancers.

Product Reviews

Canna-Pet Advanced MaxCBD Liquid Review:

Canna-Pet® – Advanced MaxCBD Liquid – 10ml
  • Organic, US grown hemp

  • Higher levels of supportive cannabinoids

  • No carrier oil

  • Stronger hemp taste than other oils

  • Comes in just one size (680mg)

Canna-Pet’s Advanced MaxCBD Liquid 10mL showcases a full spectrum CBD extract derived from organically grown hemp across Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. The latest lab report, dated November 18th, 2022, verifies a CBD concentration of 711mg in its 680mg tincture, alongside a notable blend of 84mg of additional cannabinoids, including CBC, CBDV, CBG, CBN, and THC.

This rich cannabinoid profile of 5 additional cannabinoids surpasses the average count of 3 found in CBD pet oils from over 30 brands we analyzed. The combined 84mg from these 5 increases the total cannabinoid levels, on top of CBD, by 12% (also exceeding the typical 8% of oils).

The product is unique in its formulation, utilizing a concentrated CBD extract without the addition of a carrier oil. Carrier oils increase CBD’s bioavailability, meaning they help the body absorb it. They also allow for more accurate dosing, as the CBD is less concentrated which allows for a greater margin of error.

Another downside is its singular size option of 680mg, which does not cater to the diverse dosage needs of different dog sizes and conditions.


In terms of pricing, the $0.15 per mg of CBD cost is somewhat steep, especially when considering the availability of superior quality CBD oils for dogs at lower prices in the market.

Another option for pet owners seeking a cannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD oil is Honest Paws CBD Calm or Mobility Oil. These both have a greater number of cannabinoids, and are priced lower at $0.10 per mg of CBD in the 1000mg concentration.

CannaPet CBD lab report from November 18 2022

Lab report: CannaPet CBD

CBD Data Canna-Pet Advanced
MaxCBD Liquid 10mL
# of Additional Cannabinoids 5 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +12% +8%

Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for Dogs Review:

Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced Formula Maple Bacon
  • Accurate CBD levels

  • CBD isolate (no other supportive cannabinoids)

  • Does not list the ingredients

Canna-Pet’s Canna-Biscuits for Dogs’ latest lab analysis, dated September 9, 2022, reveals each 2.4mg treat contains 2.53mg of CBD, but with no additional cannabinoids present.

A significant concern arises from Canna-Pet’s failure to disclose the ingredient list for these biscuits. Transparency regarding ingredients is crucial in the pet wellness industry, and with this omission we cannot recommend their Canna-Biscuits to conscientious pet owners.

Regarding size and flavor, each pack comes with 40 biscuits totalling 95mg of CBD, and are available in a Peanut Banana & Apple, Turkey, or Maple Bacon flavor.


Despite industry-average pricing of $0.18 per mg of CBD, we recommend finding a different CBD dog treat in the market. This, again, is because of Canna-Pet’s lack of ingredient transparency combined with the use of CBD isolate which lacks the synergistic benefits of a broader cannabinoid spectrum.

Canna-Pet CBD Biscuits for Dogs Lab Results

Canna-Pet CBD Biscuits for Dogs Lab Results

CBD Data Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits
for Dogs
# of Additional Cannabinoids 0 / 7 1.5 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +0% +7%

Customer Opinions:

“I tried this because he was super hyperactive and barked all the time and started becoming aggressive towards friends. He’s a 1.5 year old blue heeler, he had 1 biscuit a day for 2 days, 4 days ago. He sleeps constantly, puked the first 2 days, hasn’t eaten since the first biscuit, won’t play fetch, has no interest in anything but laying down or hiding. I do not recommend giving this to a dog at all.” – Jami Kennedy, Facebook review

“Goodness gracious NO!  Customer service is non existent! No contact phone number either! That should have been a red flag right off the bat. SMH” – Mary Becker-Henry, Facebook review

“My 17 yr old Boston has atrophy and arthritis in her back end. After giving her the canna biscuits she has pep in her step again. Even trots. The difference is day and night. Thank you so much!” – Ginger Wagner, Facebook review

“really bad customer service… do not return emails or messages. has no phone number to contact. will not help with anything post sale. would look elsewhere” – Alan Nugent, Facebook review

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