One of the basic things we look for in any reputable CBD brand is a Certificate of Analysis. These are provided by independent labs when they test the quality of cannabis extractions, and are a crucial form of quality control in a market where the FDA is lagging years behind consumers.

Unfortunately, we can’t find evidence that Royal CBD submits their pet products for independent testing, meaning that they didn’t make our list of best CBD oil for dogs, and that we can’t recommend this brand to owners and their dogs.

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Who is Royal CBD?

Based in Anaheim California, Royal CBD aren’t hemp growers or cannabis producers. Instead, they’re one of a number of brands who pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients from producers across the country.


Royal CBD claims to only use fully organic, natural, GMO-free industrial hemp that’s “cultivated without the use of pesticides or other dangerous compounds.” This is great news, but there are no signs that the brand’s pet products don’t seem to carry any official organic certification.

Royal CBD: Key points

Royal Paws Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Royal Paws Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil
  • Full spectrum extract

  • Hemp seed oil carrier

  • Bacon flavoring

  • 18 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

With several different concentrations of CBD, from 125mg to 500mg, we like how Royal CBD has many different doggo sizes, weights, and needs in mind when formulating their product. They also infuse their CBD extraction in hemp seed oil, which is our preferred choice of carrier. Hemp seed oil contains its own micro-cannabis compounds, as well as high amounts of essential fatty acids.

All Royal CBD oils for dogs are infused with bacon flavor, which is an easy way to combat the slightly bitter taste that can sometimes occur in full spectrum oils. Using a flavored oil widens dosing possibilities for picky pups, meaning owners can either sprinkle drops onto their food, or simply drop the oil straight into their dog’s mouth.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you much more information about this CBD oil as, even though Royal CBD claims to have their products 3rd party tested, they don’t make the results of those tests accessible. For us, we’re not sure of the benefit of such testing if we and consumers can’t see the results!

What are customers saying?

“I have one dog that loves it. The other big guy, not so much, but the good thing with this flavor is I can put it in this food.”

“Excellent product. It helps my special needs and senior chihuahua with pain and anxiety.”

Royal Paws CBD Dog Treats

Royal Paws CBD Dog Treats
  • Full spectrum extract

  • Additional superfood supplements

  • 33 cents per mg of CBD

Active Treats: Turmeric, Boswellia,

Calming Treats: L-theanine, Chamomile,

Hearty Treats: Blueberries, Flaxseed,

We like how Royal CBD uses whole ingredients all the way down the recipe for each of their 3 treat flavors, justifying the slightly high cost per mg of CBD, of 33 cents. Foods like rolled oats and molasses are far superior sources of energy and fiber than so-called ‘fillers’ meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice your dog’s diet to get them their CBD dose.

Alongside the 5mg of CBD contained within each treat, Royal CBD infuses their bites with a range of supplementary ingredients designed to target common canine issues: anxiety, joint damage, and heart hearth. Herbal and naturopathic remedies such as turmeric and chamomile have been used for thousands of years thanks to their active ingredients, which have been shown to stimulate anti-inflammatory responses in clinical tests.

What are customers saying?

“We have a Yorkie that is scared of thunderstorms. After giving a treat we have seen big differences in her anxiety level.”

“I love these treats, they’re great for my dog who has early-stage arthritis and terrible anxiety during storms.”

Our verdict

California based Royal CBD says all the right things about their oil and treat products—that their hemp is organically grown, is extracted with CO2, and is regularly tested by independent 3rd-party labs. They also offer a competitive cost per mg of CBD on their highest-concentration products.

This all sounds great, but unfortunately, we can’t find any evidence of these features. Right now, the marker of a CBD brand is transparency—putting all the information on the table and allowing consumers to make an informed choice. Because Royal CBD doesn’t make the details of their production process available, we can’t recommend their products to owners.


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