Innovet PUR CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs ranking:
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CBD quality – Good
Reviews – Great
Price – $$$

We say Innovet is one of the oldest pet CBD companies. They make several CBD oils, treats, and capsules, including a high concentration version for larger dogs. Innovet products contain organic full-spectrum CBD, which may be more effective for dogs with anxiety and joint pain. Amy – Head of Reviews.

What’s on this page? Here’s our full review of Innovet Pur CBD and other Innovet products, including our verdict on CBD quality, value, and whether Innovet supports for dogs with arthritis or anxiety.

How does Innovet Pur compare to other pet CBD oils?

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Innovet Pur

Innovet PUR CBD Oil for Dogs


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Innovet: All pet CBD products

What CBD products for dogs do Innovet offer? Here are all the brand’s products, plus our verdict.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Pur CBD Oil 60 mg

  • Full spectrum extract

  • Organic virgin hemp seed oil carrier

One thing we immediately appreciate about Innovet Pet’s main CBD oil product is the range of different sizes offered, from a small 125mg bottle to a whopping 6000mg. Size and weight make a big difference to CBD dosage in dogs, with the tiniest Chihuahuas requiring a very different amount to your average Great Dane – so it’s great to see Innovet catering to this need.

Being able to choose an appropriate concentration for your pup makes giving your dog CBD easier, and can help improve value for money. We found that, at the highest doses, Innovet Pur CBD Oil ranks among the best value for money out of all the organic full-spectrum oils we reviewed. Unfortunately, that value doesn’t carry over to lower concentrations, where better value options are available.

Innovet infuses its CBD extract into a premium hemp seed oil carrier, which should help to ease digestion and boost absorption. High-quality hemp seed oil also has an ideal ratio of Omegas 3 and 6, which can contribute to a healthy coat and joints.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Pur CBD Capsules

  • Full spectrum extract

  • Capsules made from cellulose and organic rice concentrate

These 5mg hemp capsule pills are a less commonly-used alternative to CBD treats, oils, and balms. Because full-spectrum oils can have a slightly bitter, plant-like taste, many brands take steps to improve palatability such as reducing oil concentrations or infusing their products with flavorings.

Instead of tampering with product purity or quality, Innovet has opted to produce this capsule, allowing owners to hide CBD in their dogs’ food without alerting them of its presence due to a strong odor.

We think this is a great option for owners who feel confident that their dogs won’t discover the capsule in their dinner. On the other hand, anxious dogs who are suspicious of medications may be turned off CBD by this delivery format.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Mobility Chews

  • 2.5 mg CBD per chew

  • Soothes muscle pain and reduces joint swelling

  • Added mobility supplements

Innovet’s Advanced Mobility chews are infused with a single dose of CBD as well as Glucosamine HCL, a widely known joint-support supplement that can help replace lost cartilage in dogs with osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia. Together, CBD and Glucosamine should reduce pain and discomfort while encouraging improved mobility.

Other ingredients in these chews worth highlighting are Green-Lipped Mussel powder and salmon oil – two seafood supplements packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega oils are proven to reduce inflammation and support joint repair, making them a great choice for dogs struggling with sore joints or muscles.

If you’re looking for a CBD chew that does a little more for dogs with joint pain, we think this is a great choice.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Advanced Multivitamin

  • 1mg hemp extract per chew

  • Helps dogs boots their vitamin and mineral intake

  • Contains vitamins, Omega oils, and antioxidants

Dogs suffering from inflammatory issues may be lacking those essential vitamins and minerals that help keep the immune system firing. To improve dogs’ diets, Innovet makes these bites containing CBD plus multivitamins, creating a supplement that offers comprehensive benefits. We love the look of the recipe for this product, with fish oils for fatty acids, glucosamine for joint inflammation, and antioxidants to promote general immune health.

There’s only 1 mg of CBD in each chew, so this isn’t the product for owners specifically looking for a CBD treat. However, we’d recommend Innovet’s multivitamins for senior or frail dogs, or any pup who needs some extra dietary support.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

CBD Steak & Cheese Hard Chews

  • 5 mg of CBD per chew

  • Grain and Gluten Free

  • Organic, Non-GMO recipe

With 5 mg of CBD per treat and a satisfying crunchy texture, these CBD hard chews from Innovet should suit medium or larger-size dogs who don’t like taking CBD from tinctures. They contain a good range of whole food ingredients, including eggs, cheddar cheese, apple, and flaxseed – complete with natural beef flavor to ensure they become a firm favorite with your pup.

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Our verdict

In our 2023 review, Innovet Pur CBD oil for dogs came in 6th place out of 40 other pet CBD products.

Because of its industry-leading levels of CBD-A, we believe Innovet’s CBD oil provides is an excellent option for dogs with arthritis. The wide range of concentrations available also makes this product one of the best value for money CBD oils for the largest dog breeds.

On the other hand, Innovet Pur scored lower on CBD quality than our first and second-place picks.

Innovet Pur CBD Oil: Results explained

  • CBD quality – Good

    Out of 40 CBD oils for dogs that we reviewed in 2023, Innovet’s Pur CBD came well within the top half for CBD quality. We judge CBD extracts by three main factors – their concentration, their richness, and the quality of source hemp plants.

    Based on the latest independent lab tests for Innovet’s CBD extract, we think this brand makes decent full spectrum CBD that should have a real effect on canine inflammation. Extracts contain a rich variety of cannabinoids, including CBC, CBG, and CBD-A alongside the main CBD.

    The product is made from 100% Organic hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado and extracted using a cold CO2 extraction process to retain and protect phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

  • Reviews – Great!

    From 412 overwhelmingly positive unbiased Google reviews, it’s clear that Innovet is one of the best-reviewed CBD oils for dogs currently available. Part of Innovet’s stellar reputation comes from the fact that it was one of the first pet-specific CBD companies to produce premium, human-grade products. thanks to the brand’s consistent commitment to quality, that reputation has stuck.

  • Price – $$$

    Innovet has maximized the value for money for the largest dog breeds by allowing owners to purchase Pur CBD oil in a variety of concentrations ranging from 125 mg to 6000 mg. For smaller dogs, however, this isn’t the cheapest or best value CBD oil on the market.

  • Arthritis & joint pain

    Innovet’s Pur CBD Oil contains high amounts of CBD-A, a secondary cannabinoid that studies have shown is particularly effective at decreasing joint inflammation. Innovet infuses this extract into organic virgin hemp see oil, which contains high levels of Omega fatty acids, which also promote healthy joints.

    As a result, we featured this product in our annual review of the Best CBD oils for dogs with arthritis.

  • Anxiety & stress

    Innovet Pur CBD Oil did not feature in this year’s review of the best CBD oils for dogs with anxiety.

Innovet Pur CBD Oil: CBD quality

Innovet Pet calls themselves the first CBD brand to make their independent lab test results publicly available, which is an awesome claim to fame. Looking at the latest results, this full spectrum extraction includes the secondary cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and CBD-A alongside the main CBD.

These minor cannabinoids possess their own anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and are among the most common complementary compounds we see included to boost the potency of full spectrum extractions.

We can’t fault the production process behind this oil, with the brand following all of the current industry best practices. Beginning with 100% Organic hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado, Innovet Pet uses a cold CO2 extraction process to retain and protect all parts of cannabis, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Innovet Pur CBD Oil: Dog owner reviews

“Our rescue lab/border collie has always been just a bit stressed about guarding us…we got him the CBD oil and he is noticeably less chaotic and is generally enjoying a more relaxed life.”

“Two of my three pugs have back leg issues. They are older and I didn’t want to give them what the doctor prescribed because it could cause liver or kidney issues. I chose this oil and both dogs have increased energy and move around much easier.”

Review highlights of the capsules:

“Don’t want to up my dog’s prescription pain medication since there could be side effects, so by combining the CBD with his prescription, his pain is relieved.”

“We call this our 16 year old Boxador’s medicine. We give one capsule to Bubba three times a day for his pain and stiffness in his hips. It helps him to be able to play with our two 7 month old pups all day.”

Innovet Pur CBD Oil: Value for money

We love the customer service Innovet Pet offer in terms of their shipping policies. With no minimum shipping requirement, owners are free to try out any of Innovet’s products without having to pay annoying shipping fees.

If you do find an Innovet product that works for your pup, then you can take advantage of the brand’s impressive subscription model, which will save you 15 percent on orders when you sign up for regular shipments.

Innovet Pur CBD Oil: Brand review

Started in 2005 by two BioChemistry and Engineering undergrads, Matthew Terrill and David Louvet began developing CBD formulas for the same reason that many mom-and-pop companies are founded: dissatisfaction with the traditional pharmaceutical options available to their pets.

As their pups encountered increasing health issues in their senior years, Innovet began producing a range of natural solutions to help with common conditions such as ear infections, supplements to chemotherapy treatment, and the need to safely induce vomiting.

The brand’s current full spectrum formula was first introduced in 2012, and has amassed thousands of positive owner testimonials over the past decade. Today, Innovet continues to push the industry forward with innovations like their dosage calculator and several non-CBD hemp products designed to improve digestive and coat health.

Here is the brand’s story in their own words:

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