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About the brand: Who is Receptra Naturals?

Receptra began in 2015 when founder Rusty Scott slipped while walking his dog in a Colorado snowstorm. Finding himself in chronic pain during recovery, he discovered the ability of medical cannabis to soothe and heal daily discomfort.

Skip forward six years, and Scott has successfully created a CBD brand that’s doing things in all the right ways. With a family-owned farm and a commitment to science-based hemp cultivation, their hand-shucked plants are full of medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes.

Using their premium hemp extraction, Receptra Naturals makes both human and pet products, with a range that incorporates CBD gummies and infused roll-on sticks.

For dogs, the brand focuses on a single tincture product that mixes CBD with an organic MCT carrier oil.

Product Reviews

Receptra Pet Tincture Review

Receptra Pet 25mg CBD Tincture
  • Organic, US grown hemp

  • Full spectrum

  • Good value

  • Outdated lab report (March 2022)

  • Only two sizes

Receptra Pet Tincture, leveraging a full-spectrum CBD extract from organic, Colorado-grown hemp, showcases a robust cannabinoid profile. The most recent lab report for their 750mg tincture not only verifies the advertised CBD content at 771mg but also highlights an additional 105mg of cannabinoids, including CBC, CBDV, CBG, and THC.

This assortment of four extra cannabinoids surpasses the usual average of three found in CBD oils from an evaluation of over 30 brands, with its 14% additional cannabinoid content exceeding the average of 8%.

The lab report’s date, March 21st, 2022, offers relatively current product information, though an even more recent report would be ideal for the most accurate assessment.

The tincture is unflavored, consisting solely of a MCT carrier oil along with the CBD extract. Available in two concentrations – 480mg and 750mg – the range may not be extensive enough to suit all dog sizes or dosage needs.


Regarding pricing, Receptra Pet Tincture is a cost-effective option. At $0.07 per mg of CBD for the higher concentration and $0.08 for the lower, it is priced below the market average and provides good value for the money.

However, for Receptra’s Pet Tincture to truly compete with the more premium CBD oils for dogs, we would like to see a higher number of cannabinoids and a more up to date lab report.

Receptra 480mg CBD Lab Certificate - March 21 2022

Lab report: Receptra Naturals 480mg CBD

CBD Data Receptra Pet Tincture Review Average
# of Additional Cannabinoids 4 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +14% +8%

Customer Opinions:

“Our 10 year old Burmese Mountain dog and Australian Shepherd mix seems to be benefiting from CBD. She was experiencing some tenderness in her legs which made it difficult for her to jump onto her favorite human bed.  We tried a prescription joint medication from our vet, but that irritated our dog’s stomach to the point she was throwing up blood. There are no visible side effects to the CBD and it costs 75% less than the prescription each month! She is now, once again, jumping onto her favorite bed.” – Jim Rudolphi, Google review

“Awesome product. We have been using this with our dog who has lung cancer. He also has struggled with anxiety his entire life and this is like a miracle solution!” – Rachel Fairman, Google review

“I’m almost at a loss words as to how much this product has helped our 14 year old mixed breed dog. Prior to starting, his back legs would buckle going up and down the 4 stairs to the backyard and he was moving very slowly. After a week on pet cannabinoids he navigates the stairs without any issues as well as running and playing with his 4  year old brother. His quality of life has improved greatly and lifted the spirits of our family.” – Alan Chrisman, Google review

“I have a 10 year old American Bulldog with some hip/acl issues along with some stomach and allergy issues that acts like she is a young dog again. Would highly recommend to any pet owner. The only issue with buying online is payment goes though the UK which my bank flags.” – Dustin Schmidt, Google review

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