There’s debate over the most effective long-term schedule for CBD treatment and dogs.

Some advise a consistent daily dosing, others recommend the same schedule for a defined period, while a third approach argues for one-off, high-concentration dosages given at the point of need.

Part of the answer here always depends upon the needs of your dog: what’s their size and weight, their previous exposure to CBD, and the issue or condition behind their CBD treatment?

Let’s look at the evidence in favor of daily dosages, versus the case for a single, targeted hit of CBD oil.

Argument #1 – A low, consistent, daily dose

Google ‘how often should I give my dog CBD?’ and the answer you’ll most frequently find is some version of a little bit, every day.

This approach involves delivering CBD oil orally, following the standard starting dose of 0.25 to 0.5 mg of CBD per pound of doggy weight. This is administered once daily, while a dog is observed for any changes. If symptoms slightly improve or show no signs of change, then the dosage is gradually increased, anywhere up to 4 mg per pound per day.

Argument #2 – A higher, single dose at the point of need

If you’re skeptical about giving your dog any kind of supplement or medication on a frequent, long-term basis, you’re not alone.

While CBD has been consistently shown to be safer and posses fewer side-effects compared to other drug and treatment options, many owners would simply prefer to keep their dog’s routine as additive-free as possible.

For pups that aren’t already on a course of medication, or living with some form of ongoing condition, CBD can be reserved for the treatment of specific symptoms or anxiety and inflammation triggers.

Can I combine both approaches?

There’s nothing to stop owners using a daily dose from also taking advantage of the benefits of reactive CBD use. (As long as total CBD concentrations are kept within reasonable levels that your dog is comfortable with.)

The verdict

There’s no doubt that the scientific evidence favors a consistent daily CBD dosage for dogs. Not only has this approach proven itself to be relatively safe, with only minor possible side effects like nausea and lethargy, but daily CBD ingestion is an effective rival to other medications used by dogs for long-term conditions, such as chronic pain and seizures.

All which means that there’s no issue with dogs taking CBD oil every day—especially if CBD is an adjunct or alternative to other ongoing treatments.

However, daily CBD dosages shouldn’t be started without a clear need. Many dogs will instead benefit from CBD at the point of need, such as when recovering from a procedure, or during fireworks on July 4th. For these pups, CBD should be a one-time occurrence and not part of a daily routine.