Bottle of CBD Hemp Oil - THC FreeWhen properly extracted, most CBD oil for animals and humans should be highly similar. Both types should have high purity, come from organic cannabis plants (ideally, hemp), and have zero or micro amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.

So, as long as you’re using THC-free, hemp-derived, pure isolate CBD oil, it should be okay to give your pup the same CBD oil you’re using.

Really, the question here is about the quality of CBD products and, importantly, any human-specific features in an oil—i.e. the addition of THC, highly fragrant terpenes, and super-strength dosages.

What’s the difference?

THC and dogs

Carrier oils aside, it seems like the main issue with human CBD oil is it’s higher THC content. While not necessarily harmful, dogs and THC do not mix well. If your dog does happen to ingest the psychoactive cannabinoid, expect to see symptoms ranging from confusion, anxiety, and paranoia, to discoordination, drunkenness, and lethargy. More serious reactions have also been recording, including tremors and seizures in rare cases.

Ideally, pets of all kinds should be consuming CBD oil that contains zero THC. However, it’s generally considered acceptable for dogs to ingest oils with THC levels lower than 0.3%.

Key points

  • The biggest determinate of CBD oil-suitability for dogs is THC content. Dogs should never consume oil high that’s in THC, which is often produced from marijuana, rather than hemp plants.

  • Beyond THC levels, oil purity is big deal for dogs. Many full-spectrum CBD oils for humans are super-strength, with pungent terpene profiles. Dogs prefer ‘pure-isolate’ CBD.

  • Carrier oils are another factor in human vs dog CBD. While many human oils use MCT oil, often derived from coconuts, dogs with sensitive stomachs may find MCTs to be an irritant.

  • If a CBD oil intended for humans doesn’t include any of the above, it’s likely okay for dogs to consume. But remember, dog dosages are usually much lower than for humans!