Being based in Europe, The Real CBD is not an ideal solution for North American doggos, which is why this brand isn’t featured in our best CBD for dogs in the USA. Nevertheless, The Real CBD offers a CO2 extracted, organically grown, full spectrum oil, which is sold for a competitive cost per mg of CBD. Here’s our review of The Real CBD.

Who is The Real CBD?

The Real CBD is a Europe-based, family-owned cannabis business, with a strong focus on customer service and raising awareness about the benefits of CBD. As newcomers to the industry with less than 3 years of operation, the brand has yet to accumulate a large online presence, however, they can boast the impressive stat of having 80% of their online clients being regular customers.

The co-founder of The Real CBD is a certified Medicinal Cannabis practitioner, and their expertise is CBD oil can be seen across their production process. The brand has a commitment to only producing oils from certified organic flowers and leaves, and their farms use specifically chosen strains of hemp to help yield a deliberate formula of cannabinoids.

The Real CBD: Key points

CBD Pet Solution 5%

RealCBD tincture
  • Full spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • 8 cents per mg of CBD

The Real CBD’s ‘CBD Pet Solution’ has all the hallmarks of a high quality pet CBD product. It’s made from organically grown plants that are chosen specifically for their makeup of cannabis compounds. The CBD is extracted using pressurized CO2, which helps retain purity and reduce or remove the use of harmful chemicals. And independent testing of the finished product shows the presence of complementary cannabinoids CBDV and CBC, which are known to help boost the efficacy of the main CBD ingredient.

This oil comes in 500mg bottles, with an estimated 2.5mg of CBD contained in each dropper dosage. According to our math, this gives a cost per mg of CBD of 8 cents, which is great value for money for an organic, full spectrum product.

Despite all the upsides, however, it’s important to point out that The Real CBD are manufacturing their CBD in Europe, which is likely to mean delays and possible complications when purchasing their product from North America. The brand also doesn’t list a carrier oil, which leads us to assume that their extraction is placed within a hemp seed formula.

What are customers saying?

“I was sent a sample bottle to try a different dose of oil for this dog and he has improved significantly.”

“Brilliant, the difference in my 2 dogs, 1 with spinal cyst and the other has arthritis she up about and playing like a puppy again.”

“We use the pet oil solution for our dog (3 years old). After just a week, we noticed a big difference. Our dog was more relaxed, and showed fewer signs of fear.”

Our verdict

The Real CBD has made a legitimate CBD oil using industry best practices such as CO2 extraction and organic cultivation. However, there are many reliable producers making similar, if not better oils within the US, who offer superior shipping and customer service. This means that, unless you’re shopping in Europe, we can’t really think of a reason for choosing The Real CBD over other CBD brands.


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