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With high amounts of CBD-A, CBDistillery’s Pet Tincture made its way on our best CBD oil for dogs arthritis rankings in 2023.

Here’s our full review of The CBDistillery:

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About the brand: Who is CBDistillery?

Formed in Colorado in 2016, CBDistillery is a relatively new brand that develops products for both humans and pets. CBDistillery is all about increasing awareness over the benefits of CBD and opening up access to more consumers, believing that “people have a right to high-quality, fairly priced, U.S. grown, hemp-derived CBD products.”

Because of this, they maintain consistent value for money across their product range. Each product also comes with a wealth of user information and a QR code that can be scanned to view the results of independent lab testing.

Also part of CBDistillery’s awareness drive, the brand promotes their #CBDMovement hashtag, which collects stories of CBD users (mostly humans rather than doggos). So far, the hashtag has racked up more than 440k mentions, so it’s a great resource for those looking to learn more about the contexts in which CBD can help.

Best CBDistillery CBD oils and treats for dogs

CBDistillery Pet Tincture – 600mg – 30ml

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD oil for pets - 600mg
  • Full spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • Cold pressed hemp seed oil carrier

The CBDistillery uses CO2 extraction to create their full spectrum CBD oil, which we consider to be the industry best-practice for creating a clean product free of impurities. By using this method with non-genetically modified industrial hemp, source from US-based farms, the brand is able to produce an oil that does well in independent lab tests.

A look at this CBD oil’s lab report shows it’s a legitimate full spectrum product containing a range of cannabinoids besides CBD, inducing CBD-A and CBG. While the concentrations of most of these cannabinoids are pretty minimal, there’s a large amount of CBD-A, a fragile cannabinoid that requires careful extraction and is great for lowering inflammation.

Other cannabinoids in this full spectrum oil include:

  • CBG, which research has shown to work on reducing internal inflammation and pressure.
  • CBC, which helps to control pain levels, and,
  • CBN, which is sometimes isolated for use as a sleep aid or sedative.

CBDistillery creates their pet formula in two different strengths—5mg and 20mg—to help owners adapt dosages for their dog’s size, weight, and needs. One thing to bear in mind when choosing between these strengths is value for money, as the cost per mg of CBD almost halves, from 13 cents to 7 cents, when you opt for the weaker formulation.

Somewhere that CBDistillery scores highly is their carrier oil. By using Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil to deliver the CBD extraction, this product offers fantastic dietary benefits alongside its active ingredient, with hemp seed oil being a rich source of Omega fatty acids.

What are customers saying?

The owners of large pup Roscoe found that a consistent dose of CBDistillery’s oil gave him a greater range of movement, especially in his hind legs: “He’s peppier and appears to be getting up from lying down easier.”

Owners of an 8-year old Great Dane/Shepherd mix found CBDistillery’s oil was pitched at the perfect price point for high-quality full-spectrum oil.

“Always a positive experience! Quality products. Fair prices. Excellent customer service.”

Owners of a pup suffering from significant noise sensitivity found that this CBD Pet Tincture was effective through topical/occasional use, “calming my dog during the last thunderstorm. Usually, she trembles so badly her whole body shakes but after [giving her the] Pet Tincture she was calmer and weathered the storm much better.”

Debbie, parent to a pet bird, found that the taste of CBDistillery oil “was too strong” for her pet to tolerate.

Our verdict

The CBDistillery’s pet oil tinctures offer a cost-efficient way to provide your pup with full spectrum CBD and Omega-rich cold-pressed hemp seed oil. It’s a safe and well-extracted product that should provide all of cannabis’s anti-inflammatory benefits for your dog.

These benefits are clearly on-show thanks to CBDDistillery’s #CBDmovement hashtag, and their large number of owner testimonials, adding to the evidence that CBDistillery is a solid choice for any dog suffering pain or discomfort.


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