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With high amounts of CBD-A, CBDistillery’s Pet Tincture made its way on our best CBD oil for dogs arthritis rankings in 2023.

Here’s our full review of The CBDistillery:

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CBDistillery Wag Distilled Pet Tincture Review

  • Full spectrum CBD

  • Priced below average

  • Less accurate CBD levels

  • Not organic

  • Few sizes

CBDistillery Wag Distilled Pet Tincture is made with a full spectrum CBD extract from non-organic, US-grown hemp. The most recent lab report for their 600mg tincture shows a total CBD content of 680mg, along with 84mg of additional cannabinoids, including CBC, CBDa, CBG, and THC.

This range of four additional cannabinoids exceeds the average of three found across CBD oils from over 30 brands reviewed, and the 14% additional cannabinoid content is notably higher than the 8% average.

Unfortunately, the lab report provided on the product page dates back to April 9th, 2021. We would like to see this updated on their website for greater transparency.

CBDistillery Wag Pet Tincture uses hemp seed oil as a carrier, known for its nutritional benefits. The tincture is available in two sizes, 150mg and 600mg, which may not be ideal for all dogs due to limited size options. The product is offered without any added flavors.


Considering the pricing at $0.07 per mg of CBD for the highest concentration and $0.20 for the lowest concentration, the cost is deemed to fairly reflect the quality of CBD in CBDistillery Wag Distilled Pet Tincture. When evaluating this product for their pets, owners should consider how important it is for an organic hemp source.

CBDistillery 600mg Pet CBD Lab Certificate - 03-22-2021

CBDistillery 600mg Pet CBD Lab Certificate – March 22nd 2021

CBD Data CBDistillery Wag
Distilled Pet Tincture
# of Additional Cannabinoids 4 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +14% +8%

Customer Opinions:

“Great business & amazing customer service! Finally bought some CBD for my bull terrier to help w/ his joints & anxiety” – Kayla Marie, Facebook review

“Shipping is terrible. The product is good, if it ever arrives. I don’t see why they can’t use a better shipper, it’s not cheap what we’re buying. And I have contacted the company customer service. They said just wait, it’ll eventually arrive. They don’t care, they got their money.” – Ti Hut, Facebook review

“I was really worried about this company at 1st because of all the  negative reviews saying that the product never gets shipped, or it gets lost, but I’m here to say they are great! They have great customer service and a great product! It gets shipped and they are a trustworthy company!” – Cindy Wrigley, Facebook review

“don’t believe the haters. this conpany will resolve any issues you have. you can’t treat people like garbage and expect cooperation.” – Brian Leister, Google review

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