Santa-Cruz based Stirling CBD produces an organic CBD isolate oil that they recommend for all pets. While CBD isolates tend to have a milder flavor and therefore better palatability than full spectrum CBD extractions, they can be less potent, which is why this brand didn’t make our list of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs. Let’s take a deeper look into Stirling CBD and their product.

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Who is Stirling CBD?

Stirling CBD is a brand that truly lives up to the often-touted ‘seed-to-shelf’ mantra. Beginning in 2014 from their own small organic farm in California, they planted, cultivated, and extracted their own CBD, before the increased popularity caused them to expand. After the 2018 farm bill made it legal to grow and sell hemp in any permitting state, Stirling scaled their philosophy to other organic farms in NC and Kentucky, maintaining a commitment to smaller batches, sustainable soil practices, and always organic hemp.

One thing we like about Stirling is their clear understanding of the difference between the needs of humans and dogs when it comes to CBD. their pet oil is produced at a lower potency than their people products, and uses an isolate extraction. Isolate CBD is subjected to additional processes to completely remove the presence of other cannabis compounds, meaning that Stirling’s oil contains almost entirely pure cannabidiol.

Stirling CBD: Key points

Stirling Animal Formula CBD

Stirling Animal Formula CBD
  • CBD Isolate

  • Organic hemp

  • MCT oil carrier

  • Natural bacon flavoring

  • 16 cents per mg of CBD

While Stirling formulates their pet oil with a lower dosage than their human CBD products, it’s still a robust and potent product, with an estimated 8.3mg of CBD in every 1ml dropper. This gives a 30 ml bottle a price per milligram of CBD of 16 cents—which, while competitive, is not the best we’ve seen.

Part of the reason for this oil’s slightly higher price point is Stirling’s commitment to only using hemp from sustainable, totally organic farms, with this batch being made from organic Kentucky-raised hemp. A look at the oil’s independent lab tests shows the results of this high-quality cultivation, with an extraction that’s almost entirely CBD and completely THC free. Testing does also show a trace amount of CBD-V, which is a structurally similar cannabinoid that’s thought to offer highly similar benefits.

Stirling chooses an MCT oil to carry their extract, which they infuse with a natural bacon essential oil flavoring. Reading the considerable number of reviews for this product, it’s clear that this small touch greatly improves taste pups, making them more likely to create positive associations with their CBD treatment.

As for MCT oil, we consider it a superior CBD delivery vehicle due to the fact that it’s water-soluble, meaning that it easily blends with food, as well as being rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which help speed up CBD’s digestion (in scientific terms, it’s a highly bioavailable oil).

What are customers saying?

“Our 7 year old border collie/kelpie cross was diagnosed with severe polyarthritis at 3…adding CBD oil [to her existing treatment], there has been a marked improvement in mobility, and she is able to manage longer walks, and appears to be in less pain.”

“We use it for one of my pups that has anxiety during storms. It works fast and calms her down.”

“It performed better than the one I was using before for my shih tzu who suffers from anxiety.”

Our verdict

While they’ve now grown beyond their original Californian roots, employing farmers in three states, Stirling CBD retains their family-run, seed-to-shelf mentality, producing CBD products that stay true all-things-good about cannabis botanicals. Their isolate oil offers good value for money with a decent concentration, organic certification, and a popular bacon flavoring. While we generally prefer to recommend full-spectrum CBD products (due to their greater potency and a wider range of benefits), if your dog is particularly sensitive about new tastes and substances, then Stirling’s CBD oil may well be worth a try.


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Stirling Animal Formula CBD

Stirling Animal Formula CBD
  • CBD Isolate

  • Organic

  • MCT oil

  • $0.16 per mg of CBD

  • 3rd party testing