They might not feature in our review of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs, but we like Petly CBD’s high concentration of organic CBD and highly accurate dropper. Here’s our review of Petly’s CBD Oil for dogs aswell as their CBD treats.

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Who is Petly CBD?

Petly CBD is a colorado-based, pet-specific CBD company, who create their products using their own proprietary strain of organic hemp. The brand was founded by “two dog dads with a mission to create exceptional CBD products while also giving back,” and they continue to stick to that aim, contributing one dollar from every product sold to pets in need.

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Petly’s farmers in Colorado are instructed to operate under 100% organic practices, with every batch subject to testing through Petly’s in-house laboratory. We appreciate Petly’s ability to provide their own certificates of analysis, but we also prefer CBD brands to seek independent, publicly available certification. While Petly does commit to third-party labs on a monthly basis, we couldn’t find the results of these tests anywhere on their website.

Petly CBD: Key points

  • Petly only uses organic hemp to make their products, which is produced locally and closely monitored by the brand.
  • Instead of using CO2 extraction to produce CBD, which has become the industry standard across the top tier CBD companies, Petly distills their CBD using food grade ethanol.

  • While we were unable to view the results of Petly’s independent lab tests, they say that their oil is a broad-spectrum formula, containing the beneficial cannabinoids CBDA, CBG, CBN, and CBC alongside CBD.

  • Petly uses Hemp seed oil as a carrier for their CBD extraction. We love hemp seed oil carriers, as the oil pairs naturally with CBD and is rich in beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants.

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Large Dogs 500mg
  • Broad spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • 16 cents per mg of CBD

Cost per mg of CBD

Petly CBD’s oil is available in 3 strengths to make it appropriate for dogs of all sizes and weights. When we ran the math to work out the value for money across the different CBD concentrations, we found that they all offered solid value for money for fully organic CBD.

Petly’s large dog CBD formula contains a huge 500mg of CBD, which at the retail price, works out at approximately 16 cents per milligram.

What are customers saying?

Owners of large dogs have found that this concentration of CBD oil works well for large, heavy dogs of 60 pounds or more. Conditions treated with Petly’s oil are numerous, including dogs who experience pain related to kidney diseases, for whom it’s not possible to take standard anti-inflammatory medication.

Other owners commented on improvements in their dog’s mobility and joint inflammation after taking CBD, such as an “80lb, 11.5-year-old lab mix,” who was able to “shave years off” her demeanor and begin playing again.

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Medium Dogs
  • Broad spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • 20 cents per mg of CBD

Cost per mg of CBD

This version of Petly’s CBD oil is formulated with 250mg of CBD, which is a good (if strong) amount of the cannabinoid to give medium size dogs, or dogs in a mild to moderate amount of discomfort. At 20 cents per mg of CBD, you also won’t lose too much value for money compared to Petly’s strongest formulation.

What are customers saying?

Owners of Aussie shepherds and poodles found that this product worked well for their dogs, especially when it came to cases of anxiety. One owner used CBD oil to help their dog stay calm during “fire evacuations in the West.”

With this product, a minority of owners found that their dog wasn’t responding to the dosage, suggesting that some pups may need Petly’s strongest formulation.

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Small Dogs
  • Broad spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • 32 cents per mg of CBD

Cost per mg of CBD

Petly’s weakest CBD formula contains 125mg of CBD, which works out at a cost per milligram of approximately 32 cents.

What are customers saying?

Looking at the small number of customer reviews for this product (all of which are positive) breeds like Miniature Schnauzers and Dachshunds seem to respond best at this relatively mild concentration.

Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats - 25 Chews
  • 60 cents per mg of CBD

  • Includes: Beef Liver Powder, Natural Bacon Flavor, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Natural preservatives.

While there are no whole meat ingredients in Petly’s treats, there is a clear effort to keep the rest of the ingredient list healthy with choices such as natural Bacon flavor, flaxseed oil, organic sweet potato, and the use of natural mixed tocopherols as a preservative rather than a synthetic preserver.

Alongside oils, another delivery format we love is CBD treats. Having a snack on hand is a great way for your dog to form positive associations with CBD treatment, as well as offering a healthy tool for training.

We’re pretty impressed by the quality of Petly’s CBD treats, which—while not containing whole meat products— are free of preservatives, pesticides, grains and corn, and are also veterinarian formulated.

Cost per mg of CBD

Each Petly CBD treat contains approximately 2mg of CBD per chew, with 25 chews in each pack. This gives a cost per mg of CBD of around 60 cents, which is highly competitive for a snack product.

Our verdict

We were impressed by the value for money of Petly’s organic, high concentration products. We also like how their snacks are produced with clear care for dogs’ wider health, and that Petly donates a dollar from every product sold to pets in need.

Beyond these things, however, Petly falls behind many other CBD brands in terms of their production processes and consumer service. The fact that Petly uses ethanol rather than CO2 to extract CBD is not necessarily an issue, but the fact that independently certified lab tests are not available to look at is definitely a concern.

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