About the brand: Who is Penguin?

Penguin CBD, founded in 2019, is dedicated to producing high-quality, affordable CBD products inspired by nature. They emphasize the use of pure, GMO-free ingredients without pesticides, sourced from Oregon. Their process involves eco-conscious cultivation, advanced CO2 extraction in labs, and ensuring product freshness. The team consists of specialists from various fields, all united in their enthusiasm for CBD. They maintain transparency and safety by offering third-party lab test results on their website. Their products for dogs include Dog Treats and CBD Oil.

Product Reviews

Penguin Dog CBD Oil Review:

CBD Oil for Dogs from Penguin CBD
  • Fairly accurate CBD levels

  • Low cannabinoid levels

  • Few additional cannabinoids

  • Outdated lab report (February 2021)

  • No large sizes

  • Overpriced

Penguin Dog CBD Oil, derived from a broad spectrum CBD extract of non-organic Colorado hemp, presents a potency slightly above its labeled 250mg, with a lab report confirming 273mg of CBD.

However, it features only 10mg of additional cannabinoids, specifically CBG, which is less than the average of 4 found in similar products from over 30 brands reviewed. This limited cannabinoid profile, contributing just 4% additional content, falls short of the typical 8% seen in the market.

The lab report’s date, February 10, 2021, raises concerns about the current accuracy and reliability of this information, as it is considerably outdated. Updated testing and transparent report availability are crucial for ensuring consumer trust and product efficacy.

Penguin opts for MCT oil as a carrier, known for its bioavailability, and includes natural chicken flavoring. However, the product range is somewhat limited, offering only 150mg and 300mg CBD concentrations. This lack of variety may not suit all dog sizes or dosage requirements.


The pricing structure of Penguin Dog CBD Oil is another point of consideration. At $0.17 per mg for the higher concentration and a steep $0.27 per mg for the lower concentration, it is positioned as a premium option. However, given the relatively simple formulation, limited cannabinoid diversity, and the lack of recent lab verification, this pricing appears to be on the higher end compared to the value offered.

For pet owners seeking a more cost-effective choice with a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and updated lab reports, exploring other brands might provide better alternatives that align more closely with these criteria. Penguin Dog CBD Oil, while a viable option, may not offer the best value for those looking for a comprehensive, up-to-date, and reasonably priced CBD product for their pets.

PenguinCBD Tincture 250 mg certificate of analysis February 10 2021

PenguinCBD Tincture 250 mg certificate of analysis February 10 2021

CBD Data Penguin Dog
# of Additional Cannabinoids 1 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +4% +8%

Penguin CBD Dog Treats Review:

  • Accurate CBD levels

  • Low cannabinoid levels

  • No additional therapeutic ingredients

  • Overpriced

Penguin CBD Dog Treats, utilizing broad-spectrum CBD from non-organic Colorado hemp, offer a consistent potency in their 10mg treats, with lab reports confirming 10.24mg of CBD per treat.

However, these treats contain only CBG in addition to CBD, falling short of the diversity typically found in similar products. This limited cannabinoid range, representing just 3% additional content, is notably less than the 7% average seen across various brands.

The lab report, dated April 10, 2023, provides a relatively current snapshot of the product’s quality, which is commendable.

Yet, when it comes to formulation, Penguin uses similar ingredients to other CBD dog treats but without other common therapeutic ingredients like turmeric or glucosamine. Ingredients include ascorbic acid, calcium propionate, coconut flour, flax oil, gelatin, glycerin, mixed tocopherols, molasses, natural sweet potato flavor, sunflower lecithin, sweet potato, tapioca flour, and water.

The treats are available in packs of 20, 40, or 80, each containing 10 mg of CBD and flavored with sweet potato.


Despite the satisfactory quality and recent lab verification, Penguin CBD Dog Treats’ pricing raises concerns. At $0.27 per mg of CBD for the largest pack and $0.30 per mg for the smallest, the treats are positioned in the higher price range. This premium pricing seems disproportionate to the product’s relatively simple formulation and limited cannabinoid profile.

For pet owners seeking more diverse cannabinoid content and a better price-to-value ratio, exploring alternatives might be more beneficial.

Penguin CBD Dog Treats COA from 04-10-2023

Penguin CBD Dog Treats COA from 04-10-2023

CBD Data Penguin CBD Dog Treats
# of Additional Cannabinoids 1 / 7 1.5 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +3% +7%

Customer Opinions:

“I needed clarification/information about some products and consequently reached out through the Contact page on their website…NO REPLY. “ – Stefaan Braem, Facebook review

“I placed an order 2 weeks ago still haven’t received a tracking number and no one responds to emails.” – Robert Noel, Facebook review

“Consistent quality and fantastic customer service every time—would definitely recommend Penguin CBD!” – Sarah Koenig, Facebook review

“I put my subscription on hold and yet Penguin proceeded to ship an order anyway.[…] Then I tried to change my payment plan to avoid being charged for an order I did not place, and I couldn’t find anywhere on my account where to do that.  If I don’t hear back from PENGUIN CBD and you don’t supply a phone number where I can speak to a representative, I will need to call my credit card company and mark the shipped order as fraudulently placed.” – Holley Stewart, Facebook review

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