Even if we don’t feel that a CBD brand quite makes the cut for our list of the 10 best CBD oils for dogs, it’s unusual for us to actively discourage owners from trying their products out.

No High is a rare exception. While independent lab results show that their CBD oil contains safe amounts of THC, at 2.958 mg/unit, we think that’s unacceptable for a producer who aggressively markets themselves as ‘absolutely no high.’ Add this to the fact that No High is not forthcoming with basic information about their product, such as the carrier oil used or where their hemp is sourced, and this product is one we’d recommend steering clear of.


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Who is No High?

CBD brand No High consists of a seven-person team who outsource the farming and production of their CBD products, only entering the scene at the end of the process to package and sell their cannabis extracts. Browsing their website, it’s not clear that No High as a company possesses any real farming, cannabis, or nutrition expertise of their own.


By operating in this manner, No High is able to offer a highly competitive price on many of their products, including the pet CBD oil. However, it’s difficult to make a detailed assessment of value for money without knowing exactly where No High’s ingredients come from, or how they are farmed. In general, though, our experience tells us that a low retail price often tracks with a lower quality product.

On a positive note, No High chooses to donate a portion of its proceeds to charities, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. They also have an assistance program with special discounts on high potency CBD.

No High: Key points

No High CBD Tincture for Pets

  • Full spectrum extract

  • 12 cents per mg of CBD

  • Suspicious ‘customer’ reviews

No High offers a single pet CBD product, in only one size: this full spectrum CBD oil. At 12 cents per mg of CBD, it sits at the lower price point for a non-organic oil, although a lack of information about the carrier oil used makes it hard to accurately assess value for money.

In fact, a lack of information seems to be the defining feature of this product. We’d love to tell you more about it, but No High’s product descriptions consist mostly of generic information about CBD, and not details about this specific oil. For example, it’s not clear where the hemp used to create No High’s products is grown, beyond being sourced with the United States. While it’s good to know that their main ingredient conforms to minimum national standards, this is a long way from the customer service provided by the more reputable, ‘seed-to-shelf’ CBD brands featured on this site.

One thing that No High has made accessible is their independent tests, which show that this oil contains a legitimate full spectrum extraction, with an impressive amount of the secondary cannabinoid CBC. CBC, or Cannabichromene, is known to help reduce pain and inflammation, and encourage neurogenesis (brain cell growth).

Because this is a full spectrum oil, however, it also contains small amounts of THC. (Even hemp plants bred for CBD production retain traces of this psychoactive cannabinoid. Broad-spectrum or isolate extraction processes are needed to create an oil that’s genuinely zero THC). So, while No High’s CBD oil definitely won’t get your dog ‘high’, we do think it’s a little disingenuous to market oil that contains THC under this brand name, especially when there are many superior zero-THC pet CBD products out there.

What are customers saying?

Rating – 4.83 (498 reviews)

For a small brand and a relatively little-known pet CBD product, No High has accumulated an impressive 498 owner reviews of their pet CBD oil. So impressive, in fact, that it raised our suspicions.

Looking into the customer feedback more deeply, we quickly noticed some strange things about the way a majority of the reviews are written—lots of repeated phrasings and unusual word choices that were replicated across a large number of supposedly separate customers.

We can’t say for sure that No High’s reviews are illegitimate, but we’d strongly encourage you to check them out for yourself, and come to your own conclusions before making any purchasing decisions.

Our verdict

On their website, No High says that “we’re really trying hard not to be just another CBD company.” Unfortunately, their efforts haven’t paid off, as this brand doesn’t meet even the basic criteria we look for in a reputable CBD supplier. Without knowing the details on where their hemp is farmed, how strains are selected, or what carrier oils are used to deliver the extract, it’s impossible for us to recommend No High’s product to dogs and their owners.

This isn’t to say that their CBD oils don’t work—their very large number of positive owner reviews would suggest otherwise (as long as they are from real customers). But without more publicly accessible information, we definitely don’t think that you should take the risk.


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