King Kanine uses only a broad spectrum and isolate CBD in their pet products. In our review of the best CBD oils for dogs, we focused on full-spectrum CBD products because we think they meet the needs of the widest range of pups and their owners.

But there are many other brands out there doing interesting things with CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and supplemented oils.

King Kanine is one such CBD company that works with all kinds of CBD extractions and interesting added ingredients. Let’s take a look at their products.

King Kanine products

About the brand: Who is King Kanine?

King Kanine was founded in 2015 on a commitment to developing cannabinoid therapies for their own dogs before sharing them around the world. Today, they’ve become an industry leader, and leverage their considerable size to oversee their entire production process, ensuring quality control.


As a manufacturer and brand, King Kanine never imports their ingredients, and only works industrial hemp grown in the US and processed in FDA registered facilities. Their CBD products are also tested by third-party ISO-certified laboratories to ensure accuracy and purity—something that any legit CBD brand should be doing while the market remains unregulated by the FDA.

There are a bunch of King Kalm CBD reviews out there, many of them by well-respected outlets including ABC News, CBS, Leafly, and Pet Business Magazine. The brand has also received several awards for their commitment to promoting doggo health and wellbeing, winning The 2018 the Pet Business award for best CBD products and the Golden Paw Award from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals.

Here’s King Kanine’s own ‘about us’ video:

Best King Kanine CBD oils and treats for dogs


KING KALM™ CBD 75mg - Small Size Dog & Cat Formula
  • Broad spectrum extract

  • Krill and hemp carrier oil infusion

  • 30 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

King Kanine’s most traditional CBD oil is this broad spectrum product. Broad spectrum refers to the oil extraction process, in which King Kanine has included a small number of cannabis compounds alongside CBD. According to third-party testing, this oil is primarily made of CBD and the cannabinoid CBG, which is known to offer similar anti-inflammatory benefits to CBD, with a greater focus on reducing pressure, inflammation, and infection inside the body.

Even in this relatively pure CBD oil, King Kanine has decided to supplement their formula. Alongside a hemp seed oil carrier, bursting full of Omega fatty acids, this product also contains Krill oil. Like other fish oils, krill fat is thought to decrease swelling and lower cholesterol. According to King Kanine, combining CBD with hemp and krill results in “more potent and soothing effect than CBD oil on its own.”

The King Kalm oil is offered in three concentrations (75, 150, and 300mg) for different dog sizes and needs, with roughly equal value for money across the sizes—although the price is slightly higher than average for oils of this kind. Expect a cost of 53 cents per milligram of CBD in the smallest size, to 30 cents per mg on the biggest size.

King Kanine KALM Balm

  • CBD Isolate

  • Includes: Natural beeswax, Coconut oil, Manuka honey

Any CBD manufacturer that makes a topical product is a winner in our book. We love the versatility of CBD oils, especially how they can benefit dogs through both oral and direct application. King Kanine’s topical balm retains this flexibility through an ingredient list that’s not only edible but genuinely beneficial to a dog’s health, with beeswax and manuka honey, which are natural antimicrobials.

Topical CBD balms apply cannabinoids directly to the sight of irritation, pain, or swelling, which means avoiding the diluting effects of digestion and the first pass of the metabolism. In studies on humans with skin conditions and dogs with joint issues and osteoarthritis, topical CBD has shown some of the most promising results of all CBD delivery formats.

Even without the active CBD, this King Kalm balm is worthwhile for dogs with skin issues, with the natural wax protecting skin against rough ground and cold weather, keeping your dog active and pain free for longer throughout the day.

King Kanine KALM Soothe

KING KALM CBD pet Soothe
  • Broad spectrum extract

  • Includes: Aloe vera, Chamomile, Tea tree oil, Colloidal silver

This King Kalm option truly stands out from the crowd thanks to its topical spray delivery format. Designed to easily cover “dermal abrasions, hot spots, and dry, cracked skin,” sprays are pretty unique among CBD brands, which makes this one an attractive option. As usual, King Kanine goes further than simply filling their products with the same CBD oil, making use of a bespoke extraction and supplementing it with ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil.

King Kanine recommends their Soothe Spray for owners looking to control inflammation and protect their dogs from potential infections. The CBD extraction includes CBC, which is an effective pain suppressant, and CBDA, which has a molecular structure that closely resembles nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Also included in the formula are:

  • Aloe vera, which can improve blood circulation in an affected area, as well as mitigating cell death and acting as an antifungal.
  • Chamomile, which has been used for thousands of years to induce sedation and relaxation.
  • Tea tree oil, which contains anti-bacterial and antifungal compounds.

Something to note: the Kalm spray also contains colloidal silver, which is commonly used to treat conditions like skin infections and hay fever, despite the fact that there isn’t any scientific evidence supporting its benefits. In fact, many now consider colloidal silver a potential minor health risk.

Our verdict

We think that King Kanine’s oils broad spectrum oil and topical CBD products are a safe bet. We especially like the way many of their products are supplemented with natural therapeutic additives such as manuka honey and krill oil.

This makes King Kanine a great option if you’re looking for a CBD product to treat a specific mobility or inflammation issue in your pup. For example, their topical balms and sprays are a legitimate alternative/accompaniment to prescription creams for skin rashes, infections, and allergies. For dogs with osteoarthritis or those recovering from surgery, King Kanine oils are a convenient way to combine a number of joint health supplements into one product. On the other hand, this brand provides no way of taking CBD without these other ingredients.

Something that gives us a lot of confidence in the long-term effectiveness of King Kanine’s products is the sheer number of positive reviews listed on their website. Hundreds of happy owners have reported back to the company with pictures of their pups and stories of the CBD products supporting a natural recovery from joint pain, inflammation, nervousness, skin sores, and other similar conditions. Judging by owner reviews, most dogs will begin to react to CBD after between one and three months of consistent treatment.


When products are purchased through our site, we may receive a commission. Always check manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date information. All our product recommendations are based on our experts’ opinions and thorough consumer research, including our list of best CBD oils for dogs in 2024.