Hemp Depot’s ‘Pure Pet’ CBD oil didn’t make our list of best CBD oil for dogs, but as one of the country’s largest manufacturers of CBD, supplying hundreds of other brands, their operation speaks for itself.

Here’s a rundown of Hemp Depot and their pet CBD brand, Pure Pet.


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Who is Hemp Depot?

Hemp Depot creates CBD for both consumers and wholesale customers, with three of their own brands and hundreds of ‘white-label’ extracts bought and sold by third parties.

All those extracts use various strains of hemp, with recipes that include broad and full spectrum profiles, as well as CBG and CBN-specific options.

For dogs, Hemp Depot sells its CBD oil under the Pure Pet brand, which has its own website. According to them, the only difference between the CBD used for Pure Pet versus the CBD in Hemp Depot’s human strains is that Pure Pet includes a natural chicken flavoring.

Despite their sizable infrastructure, Hemp Depot maintains a commitment to good farming practices, not using any pesticides or herbicides, and hand-cultivating all their hemp in Colorado.

That large size also comes with a couple of benefits in terms of customer service and value for money. Pure Pet oils are on the lower end of average for cost per mg of CBD, and they also offer overnight shipping.

Best Hemp Depot CBD oils and treats for dogs

Pure Pet – CBD Tinctures

Hemp Depot’s Pure Pet CBD products
  • Full spectrum

  • Capsule option
  • Chicken favoring
  • Fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil carrier

Available in three tincture concentrations as well as an oil capsule, Hemp Depot’s Pure Pet CBD products are a pretty typical affair, though they are made with industry-leading CO2 extraction processes.

Independent lab reports show that Pure Pet contains a full spectrum extract with CBC and CBG, alongside CBD and trace amounts of THC.

As outlined in our cannabinoid explainer, retaining these secondary cannabinoids in a CBD extract facilitates something called the entourage effect—a phenomenon where cannabis compounds are more potent and effective when consumed together in their original ratio.

With such a long history of hemp extraction under their belt, Hemp Depot knows a thing or two about how to get the most from CBD products, which is why they place their active ingredient in a fractionated (MCT) coconut oil carrier.

MCT oil is one of the most popular carrier oils for dogs thanks to its fatty acid profile and very mild taste compared to most other oils. To help increase palatability even further, Hemp Depot also adds chicken flavoring to their Pure Pet products.

On the downside, we weren’t able to find many owner reviews for Pure Pets oils. While their products look great on paper, this means we can’t vouch for their long term effectiveness.

Shipping and subscription

Thanks to their large infrastructure, Hemp Depot is able to offer some attractive customer incentives, including overnight delivery to all 50 states.

Shipping is also free on orders over 100 dollars, and every product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

New customers can save 15 percent on their next order by joining the brand’s mailing list, while repeat buyers can take advantage of some small savings through a subscribe and save program.

Our verdict

Hemp Depot’s Pure Pet brand offers a range of good, if unremarkable, CBD oils and capsules.

Their extract is legitimately full spectrum, while the carrier is an absorption-boosting MCT coconut oil. All of which is offered at competitive value for money.


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