CBDPet is the pet-specific offshoot of CBDPure, a brand who grow and produce their own CBD products from pesticide/herbicide-free plants. While a lack of owner feedback and low levels of secondary cannabinoids means CBDpet didn’t feature in our rundown of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs, we still think their CBD oil is worth considering.

Here’s our review of CBDPet’s oil for pets.

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Who is CBDPet?

CBDPure is an established grower and producer of full-spectrum hemp plants operating out of Colorado and Washington, states with two of today’s most established cannabis infrastructures. As a company, they stay committed to the benefits of producing and growing hemp locally, which allows them to maintain oversight from seed to shelf.


CBDPure has separated out their pet oil into its own brand, CBDPet, which is created from their non-GMO organic Colorado farm.

As evidence of their commitment to customer service, every order made with CBDPet is protected by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which should give those wanting to try out CBDPets therapeutics the confidence to take the plunge.

CBDPet: Product Reviews

CBDPet Hemp Oil

CBDPet Hemp Oil
  • Full spectrum extract

  • Organic hemp

  • Hemp seed oil carrier

  • 20 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

This oil is made from non-GMO hemp plants, grown on an organic farm in Colorado. Checking out the lab report, we can see that it’s a legitimate full spectrum product, but it’s also pretty low on complementary cannabinoids.

In full spectrum oils, we look for a rich profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, beyond the primary CBD. This is because a good supporting cast of other cannabis extracts produces an entourage effect, where the potency of the oil is increased without increasing the actual CBD content.

Unfortunately for CBDPet’s oil, all other compounds only register at race levels, meaning that this product is unlikely to be significantly more effective than often cheaper broad spectrum or isolate products.

On the plus side, CBDPet uses a CO2 extraction process to draw out CBD from their hemp plants, which is considered the premier method of production across the industry. Using pressurized CO2 as opposed to alcohols or other solvents increases the purity of the extraction and ensures that no harsh chemicals make it into the final product. It’s also better for the environment.

Each half-dropper of CBDPet’s oil contains 3.3 mg of CBD, which, when calculated according to the different size options offered, gives a cost per mg of:

  • $0.25 for the 100mg bottle
  • $0.23 for the 300mg bottle, and
  • $0.20 for the 600mg bottle.

Interestingly, CBDPet classifies the different sizes by month, suggesting that they expect all owners to use a similar dosage schedule, no matter their dogs size or need. This isn’t our experience, as we tend to find that bottle size/concentrations are more relevant to the weight of your pup. Here’s our dosage guide for more info on how much CBD you should be giving your dog.

Shipping and subscription

Something that stands out about CBDpet is the extra attention they pay to customer service. If it’s your first order with them, simply ask the support chat for a free shipping code, and they’ll be more than happy to hook you up. CBDPet estimates shipping times of between 3 and 7 days for orders within the US, so your pup won’t have to wait too long for their treatment. That said, unlike many brands, CBDPet doesn’t offer a subscribe and save option.

Our verdict

CBDPet (also known as CBDPure) offers a fully organic, full spectrum product that’s extracted using CO2 and sold for a reasonable, if not marketing-leading, price. Combine this with their above average customer support and money-back guarantee, and you get a solid product that is unlikely to either disappoint or inspire owners.


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