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About the brand: Who is American Shaman?

With a range of 2 CBD oils and 3 different dog treats, mysteriously named American Shaman is a CBD brand that’s committed to helping dogs access the benefits of cannabis. They use a ‘proprietary nanotechnology’ that they claim helps improve the bioavailability of their cannabis extracts by up to 9 times.

We love it when CBD brands reach out into their local communities, and American Shaman does just that with their Compassionate Care program and discounts for low-income customers and veterans. They also offer a 45-day money-back guarantee policy for owners who aren’t satisfied with their products.

One downside about American Shaman is that they’re not forthcoming with details about where their hemp is grown, how it’s cultivated, or who extracts their CBD. Unfortunately, this is too often the case with non-organic CBD brands. On the brighter side, American Shaman do have all of their products tested in independent labs, and make their results freely accessible.

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While our review below picks out some promising features, we do not recommend American Shaman CBD for the following reasons:

  1. American Shaman CBD products don’t offer value for money
  2. American Shaman has very few reviews
  3. American Shaman products have not been certified by the US Hemp Authority
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Product Reviews

CBD American Shaman Canine CBD Hemp Oil Review:

CBD American Shaman Canine CBD Hemp Oil
  • Lab reports show traces of ethanol

  • Outdated lab reports

  • Low levels of supportive cannabinoids

  • Non-organic

  • No concentrations tailored to mid- or large-sized dogs

CBD American Shaman’s Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture, made from non-organic, US grown hemp, presents a lower-tier full spectrum CBD oil. The oil’s full spectrum categorization is somewhat misleading, as it only includes CBD and THC, lacking the variety of cannabinoids typically found in higher-quality full spectrum products.

The latest lab report, dated April 26, 2021, reveals a CBD concentration of 338mg in the 300mg tincture, along with a mere 6mg of THC, resulting in an additional cannabinoid content of just 2%. This falls short of the average 8% additional cannabinoid content found in similar products from other brands.

The outdated nature of the lab report is a concern, underscoring the need for more recent and transparent testing data. Moreover, the presence of 177ppm of ethanol, though below the action level of 5000ppm, raises questions about the quality of the hemp source and the extraction process used.

Available in a single 300mg concentration with beef and cheese flavor, the tincture utilizes MCT oil as a carrier. However, its limited size options do not accommodate the varying needs of different dog sizes and conditions.


At $0.20 per mg of CBD, the tincture is priced much higher than what its quality justifies, especially considering the limited cannabinoid profile and potential quality concerns. Pet owners seeking a robust and transparently tested full spectrum CBD oil for their dogs might find better value and efficacy in other products on the market.

CBD American Shaman Canine THC-Free Hemp Oil Tincture 300mg CBD lab report from January 8 2021

Lab report: CBD American Shaman Canine THC-Free 300mg

CBD Data American Shaman
Canine CBD Hemp Oil
# of Additional Cannabinoids 1 / 7 3 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +2% +8%

CBD American Shaman Doggy Chews Review:

CBD Doggy Chews from American Shaman - 70 piece container
  • Not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, residual solvents, or toxins

  • Unnatural ingredients

  • CBD isolate

  • Non-organic

CBD American Shaman Doggy Chews, sourced from non-organic U.S. hemp, display significant shortcomings in their CBD content and overall quality. The latest lab report from April 18, 2019, reveals a mere 2.39mg of CBD per 5mg treat, devoid of any additional cannabinoids. This lack of diversity in cannabinoids falls well below the 1.5 additional cannabinoids average found in other CBD dog treats across 30+ brands, with an additional cannabinoid content of 0%, significantly less than the 7% average.

The age of the lab report is a major concern, emphasizing the need for more current and comprehensive testing. Furthermore, the absence of tests for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, residual solvents, and other toxins in these chews is troubling. Notably, a related product, CBD American Shaman’s Soft Tender Doggy Chews, showed concerning levels of arsenic at 206ppm, surpassing the 200ppm action level, which raises red flags about the overall safety and quality of their products.

Certificate of Analysis for American Shaman Dog Treats - 09-25-2020

The chews are formulated with natural peanut butter flavor, milk, coconut flour, white rice flour, eggs, molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80, and various hemp extracts and terpenes. Available in Peanut Butter, Turkey Stuffing, or Beef Brisket flavors, the package contains 70 chews with 5mg of CBD each.


Despite their relatively low price of $0.13 per mg of CBD, the significant concerns about CBD content, lack of additional beneficial cannabinoids, outdated lab report, and potential safety issues related to toxin levels make CBD American Shaman Doggy Chews a product we cannot recommend. Pet owners are advised to seek out more reliable and transparently tested CBD dog treat options.

CBD American Shaman Doggy Chews COA from April 18th 2019

CBD American Shaman Doggy Chews COA from April 18th 2019

CBD Data CBD American Shaman
Doggy Chews
# of Additional Cannabinoids 0 / 7 1.5 / 7
% of Additional Cannabinoids +0% +7%

Customer Opinions:

“I’ve been a loyal customer for over 5 years and I suddenly can’t place an order. I’ve been trying for 3 days to take advantage of their BoomBang30 sale with no luck. Their chat line is automated and no one answers their phone. I’m beyond disappointed with them.” – Angel Wisniewski, Facebook review

“This CBD has really helped my 13 year old lab. His growths shriveled up. He has energy again, and is a lot more active and capable.” – Jesse Miller, Facebook review

“I am having issues with an order and can not find a way to discuss this with anyone.  I sent a message and all I got back was a link to set up an account on their chat forum – no answer to my inquiry. Horrible customer service!!!” – Stephanie Ann, Facebook review

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