Axis Labs are a medium-sized CBD company that produces two middle-of-the-road CBD products—an oil tincture and a treat. While we like that each format contains additional flavors and calming supplements such as valerian and ginger, a lack of organic ingredients and a just-average cost per mg of CBD are two aspects that owners also need to consider.

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Who is Axis Labs?

Axis Labs are still finding their feet in the world of CBD, having only pivoted into the industry in 2017. Before then, this family-owned business had worked in sports nutrition since 2005. Axis Labs took this nutrition expertise and applied it to one of their state of Colorado’s premier crops: hemp. With an ideal climate for growing and drying hemp, Axis Labs took advantage of their location and quickly developed a wide range of CBD products for humans.


Pretty much as soon as they became established CBD producers, Axis Labs began considering CBD for pets. Trying CBD on their own pups, who suffer from some of the most common canine inflammatory conditions, convinced the team at Axis that a pet product range was a must. Here’s their story, as told by themselves:

Axis Labs: Key points

Axis Labs Full Spectrum CBD for Pets

Axis Labs Full Spectrum CBD for Pets
  • Full spectrum extract

  • MCT oil carrier

  • Natural flavoring

  • 14 cents per mg of CBD

A look at Axis Lab’s independent test results reveals a range of additional cannabinoids helping support the main CBD ingredient in this MCT-based oil. CBN-A, CBD-VA, and CBC are all complementary cannabinoids widely known for their ability to boost CBD’s effectiveness through an entourage effect. Testing also shows that levels of THC fall within safe and legal levels for dogs.

When an oil contains a full spectrum CBD extraction, such as this one, it may have an unavoidable bitter or plant flavor. For some dogs, this is no issue at all, but it can be off-putting for those who are picky eaters or suspicious of treatments. Axis Labs solves this issue by infusing their oil with two natural flavor options: bacon or chicken. While a lack of customer reviews means we can’t attest to how much dogs like the taste of these flavors, should at least improve palatability.

Another positive: the fact that Axis Labs’ 1 oz Tincture Dropper is made from plastic, which shows that they genuinely have dogs’ needs in mind. This allows owners to apply CBD directly to their pet’s gums or into their mouth without the risk of injury, which is always the fastest way to get CBD absorbed into the body. Each serving contains 5mg of CBD, and the entire bottle contains approximately 50 servings, which gives a cost per mg of CBD of 14 cents.

Axis Labs CBD Treats for Pets

Axis Labs CBD Treats for Pets
  • CBD Isolate

  • Includes Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Ginger Root

  • 17 cents per mg of CBD

Rice Bran, Cane Molasses, Purified Water, Cheddar Cheese, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour, Lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Hickory Flavour, Beef Protein, Sorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Propionate, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Ginger Root.

Instead of using their full spectrum extract, Axis Labs infuse these small, bacon and cheese flavor treats with a pure CBD isolate, which should mean that any bitter or hempy flavor is minimized.

Alongside a decent range of healthy, whole food ingredients, Axis Lab’s treats contain three additional active ingredients: Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Ginger Root. All commonly found in herbal teas and remedies, these natural supplements contain serotonin-boosting and anti-inflammatory chemicals.

We also like how these treats are only around the size of a dime, while still containing a decent 5mg of CBD per snack. This makes them easy to carry around when outside, and when dividing them in quarters, can be used as a regular training incentive or reward.

Our verdict

As such as a new entry into the pet CBD market, Axis Labs haven’t accrued enough of a history with pets and their owners for us to make an accurate assessment. Looking at the information we do have, however, shows us that both Axis’ oil and treat products contain legitimate CBD extractions in high concentrations, sold for a reasonable cost per mg. On the downside, Axis Labs provide no organic option, and you can’t buy their pet CBD without added flavoring or additional ingredients.

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