We say Austin and Kat is a moderately popular pet CBD brand with a commitment to using whole foods and natural supplements. They produce a range of oil tinctures and treats designed to target specific conditions like anxiety and joint inflammation. Austin and Kat does not produce their own CBD. Instead, they source hemp extracts from Treehouse Biosciences. Amy – Head of Reviews.

What’s on this page? Here’s our full review of Austin and Kat CBD oil and other CBD products, including our verdict on CBD quality, value, and whether Austin and Kat supports dogs with arthritis or anxiety.

See where all brands ranked in our list of the best CBD oil for dogs.

Austin and Kat: All pet CBD products

What CBD products for dogs do Austin and Kat offer? Here are all the brand’s products, plus our verdict.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Everyday Wellness Oil

  • Full-spectrum extract

  • Salmon oil carrier

  • Added antioxidants

Austin and Kat’s primary CBD oil for dogs contains an infusion of full-spectrum CBD, a premium carrier oil blend, and added antioxidants, which Austin and Kat claims helps maximize CBD’s effects.

The CBD itself is a true full-spectrum extract made by the large commercial producer, Treehouse Biosciences. It’s rich in CBC and CBDV – two complementary anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. Two concentrations are available: 100 mg and 300 mg. 

What stands out most about Austin and Kat CBD oil is their choice of carrier. Instead of infusing their CBD into a wholesale oil, they use a blend of organic cold-pressed hemp seed and wild Alaskan salmon oil. Both of these ingredients are packed with extremely healthy Omega fatty acids, which help dogs to digest and absorb the CBD extract, as well benefiting their overall diet.

CBD is itself an antioxidant. But some research shows that taking CBD alongside antioxidant supplements can help boost its effects. Austin and Kat infuse two powerful antioxidants, CoQ10 and Black Pepper fruit, into this oil, as well as their CBD treats below.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Everyday Wellness High Potency CBD Oil

  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Coconut and hemp seed oil blend carrier

  • Added antioxidants

Because Austin and Kat’s primary CBD oil is only available in relatively low concentrations, they also make these high-potency options for larger dogs. Owners can choose between a 600 mg and a 1200 mg tincture of the same third-party CBD extract, at a double or quadruple potency. While they both cost more, we think these products offer good value for money, at 8 and 12 cents per mg of CBD respectively.

Instead of salmon oil, these extra-strength organic oils use organic coconut oil to carry the CBD. High in medium-chain triglycerides, coconut (MCT) oil is a good standard carrier oil, but less healthy than wild salmon oil.

Like their standard CBD oils, Austin and Kat infuse antioxidant powders into these high potency options to aid absorption.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Everyday Wellness Chews

  • Kat’s original whole-food recipe

  • 2.5 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg CBD per chew

  • Added botanical supplements

According to the company, these treats are based on Kat’s original recipe for CBD dog chews, devised at home in her kitchen. Sure enough, they retain a home-style ingredient list, full of whole foods like apple, peanut butter, and cinnamon. Added to this base is a selection of superfoods like turmeric and coconut oil, alongside 2 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD, depending upon the concentration you choose.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Brady’s Senior CBD Chews & Oil

  • Formulated in an oil tincture or soft chews

  • Real superfood supplements

  • Designed and tested for senior dogs

Named in honor of Kat’s oldest pup, the Brady formula combines CBD with turmeric, glucosamine, and flax – a recipe list designed to aid joint mobility and digestive health. In the oil version, this mix is infused with 450 mg of CBD (a good medium dose for most dogs), while in the treat version, it’s added to a special low-sugar version of Kat’s recipe to promote the slow release of energy. Intended for dogs 6 years and older.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Bailey’s No More Wiggles CBD Chews & Oil

  • Formulated in an oil tincture or soft chews

  • Real superfood supplements

  • Designed and tested for anxious dogs

Austin and Kat’s No More Wiggles blend is their anxiety-specific formula. We really like the blend here – there’s a strong 14 mg dose of CBD in each chew and 450 mg in the oil bottle. As for the added supplements, the brand combines chamomile, valerian root, and turkey tail. Enough to soothe the most frenzied pups!

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Bakko’s Hip and Joint CBD Chews & Oil

  • Formulated in an oil tincture or soft chews

  • Real superfood supplements

  • Designed and tested for dogs with joint inflammation

Like the No More Wiggles chews above, these Hip and Joint bites combine Austin and Kat’s base treat recipe with a 14 mg dose of CBD, plus ailment-specific supplements. This time, it’s reishi mushroom powder, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin – all classic joint-mobility supplements that you can find in any human or pet pharmacy. Again, the 450 mg CBD oil version contains a similar blend, this time with added Green Lipped Mussel for an extra boost of Omega fats.

Innovet purCBD tinctures

Harper’s Immunity CBD Chews & Oil

  • Formulated in an oil tincture or soft chews

  • Real superfood supplements

  • Designed and tested for dogs from 9 months and up

Most CBD experts are wary of recommending hemp oils for puppies, which seems like a good move, even if there’s no evidence to say that it could be harmful. For adolescent and young dogs, however, we think CBD supplementation is a great way to boost the immune system and keep exercise-related inflammation at bay. Formulated for dogs older than 9 months, Austin and Kat’s Immune blend is intended for exactly this use, with added Ashwagandha, Astralagus, and blueberry to keep those antioxidant levels topped up.

Our overall verdict

In our 2023 review, Austin and Kat CBD oil for dogs came in 10th place out of 40 other pet CBD brands.

Unlike our top-choice brands that oversee CBD production from seed to shelf, Austin and Kat bring in their CBD extracts from a supplier.

Despite this, they remain a highly reputable name in pet CBD producing competitively priced oils and chews with an emphasis on whole food ingredients.

In particular, we love their CBD treats, which are a super-healthy source of cannabis and wouldn’t look out of place in a human bakery!

Austin and Kat CBD oil for dogs: Results explained

  • CBD quality – Good

    The hemp infused into Austin and Kat treats and oils is provided by Treehouse Biosciences, a large commercial provider.

    It can be a red flag when brands buy their CBD instead of producing it themselves, as it means they don’t oversee production or quality control. In this case, however, Austin and Kat use one of most reputable 3rd party suppliers around, with independent lab tests showing their CBD is a genuine full spectrum extract. Not the best, but pretty good.

  • Reviews – Okay

    Austin and Kat have a large number of positive reviews posted on their website (see below) but they don’t have many independent online reviews of their products.

  • Price – $$

    Austin and Kat CBD products are available for average prices compared to other brands. Considering the quality of their ingredient lists, we think this represents great value for money.

  • Arthritis & joint pain

    Austin and Kat did not feature in our annual review of the best CBD oils for dogs with arthritis.

  • Anxiety & stress

    Austin and Kat did not feature in this year’s review of the best CBD oils for dogs with anxiety.

Austin and Kat CBD Oil: CBD quality

Independent lab tests for the CBD extracts infused into Austin and Kat products show high levels of CBC and CBDV, two complementary cannabinoids that research suggests support the effects of CBD by providing additional antioxidants and aiding the reduction of inflammation.

Austin and Kat are big on the power of antioxidants to boost CBD’s absorption and effectiveness. As a result, they infuse different superfood powders into almost all of their products. While we’re not completely sold on the benefits of antioxidant supplements for boosting CBD’s potential, they’re great for dogs’ overall diets. 

One thing we really like about Austin and Kat products is the quality of their carrier oils. Organic, cold-pressed, and brimming with healthy fats – what’s not to love!

Austin and Kat CBD Oil: Dog owner reviews

For an established CBD company, we were surprised by the lack of Google and Facebook reviews of Austin and Kat products. We like to check these sources for feedback because they can’t be manipulated as easily by brands or other companies with agendas.

There are, however, hundreds of positive reviews on Austin and Kat’s website, which give glowing reviews across the product range. It’s a great indication of product effectiveness, but we advise you to use your own judgment whenever reading reviews posted directly to a brand’s website.

What are customers saying on Austin and Kat’s website?

Everyday Wellness CBD oil & treat range:

  • “Hazel she is 6, she had a weight problem, skin issues, her behavior has completely changed…I came across that sometimes CBD can help with hormonal imbalance, any kind of inflammation. After 1 bottle of Austin and Kat CBD, Hazel lost 3 lbs in one month.”
  • “We use this on our bulldog Hank. This is the best CBD out there in my opinion. I will not use any other brand.”
  • “Products are awesome! I can see a difference in my elderly dog and how she eats better when she takes the CBD cookies.”

Brady’s Senior Blend:

  • “We immediately noticed in one of our older pups who is now 12 that she was able to move better, her legs stopped coming out from under her when she walked or was going down the stairs and most importantly her spirits improved!”
  • “My 16+ border collie mix has been on Brady’s senior blend biscuits and then the oil for almost a year and it has been so good for her!”

Austin and Kat CBD Oil: Value for money

Brands that have a range of CBD concentrations to suit different canine needs and sizes almost always offer better value for customers, and Austin and Kat is no different.

Their standard oil is good value, at approximately 15 or 25 cents per mg of CBD, depending on whether you opt for the 100mg or 300mg version.

Austin and Kat offer standard shipping rates and discounts, with a cost of $7 for orders under $50, and free shipping over $50. US orders should arrive between 3 and 7 days.

Austin and Kat are one of a number of CBD brands to offer a subscribe and save policy, where repeat customers can enjoy 15% off the regular product prices.

Austin and Kat CBD Oil: Brand review

Austin and Kat has serious mom-and-pop (make that mum-and-pup) roots, with founder Kat starting her CBD journey back in 2014 by making her own therapeutic treats for her dog, Austin. Thanks to a commitment to learning all there is to know about CBD, and only using whole-food ingredients, word quickly spread, and soon Kat was making batches to give to friends and owners at the dog park.


Today, the brand has grown to a major pet CBD company, working with Treehouse Biotech, the first NASC-Certified hemp extraction company, to source their CBD ingredients. Despite their size, Austin and Kat retain a commitment to ingredient quality, using whole foods, known food supplements, and Treehouse’s sun-grown Colorado hemp.


When products are purchased through our site, we may receive a commission. Always check manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date information. All our product recommendations are based on our experts’ opinions and thorough consumer research, including our list of best CBD oils for dogs in 2024.