Applied Basic Science didn’t make our  list of the best CBD oils for dogs, but they’ve received lots of other seals of approval.

Advertised as “the first CBD product tested in clinical trials” this is a brand looking to unite the science of CBD with what many owners already know about the power of medicinal cannabis.


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Label accuracy
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Safe, balanced THC

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Carrier oil
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Owner reviews
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Unfortunately, Applied Basic Science didn’t make it in our review list of the best CBD oil for dogs.

Who is Applied Basic Science?

ABSC Organics (Applied Basic Science Corporation) has strong scientific roots, being closely connected with cannabis experts at the University of Colorado.

Grown and extracted in their home state, ABSC’s proprietary hemp extract has the backing of industry leaders such as Dr. Alan Shackelford, a national authority on the medical use of cannabis, and Dr. Stephanie McGrath, an Associate Professor at Colorado state’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

It’s this focus on the science of CBD that separates ABSC from the pack—specifically, their sponsoring of clinical research in order to validate the effectiveness of their extract.

So far, the brand has funded three major clinical trials at the State University, which have helped reveal the potential for CBD to support common canine conditions such as osteoarthritis and seizures.

While APSC’s trials are applicable to any high-quality CBD product, the fact that their oil was actually used in the study (with some minimal alterations to the fragrance due to experimental conditions) suggests the product has awesome potential.

Best Applied Basic Science CBD oils and treats for dogs

ABSC Organics – CBD Oil

  • Full spectrum
  • Organic hemp

  • Recommended for use against seizures

  • Proprietary hemp plant strain

  • Chicken flavoring

Created from organically-grown Colorado hemp extract, ABSC offers a single CBD oil tincture in a variety of sizes to suit all types and breeds.

Looking at the lab report for ABSC’s extraction, it’s clear that they produce a wide spectrum yield, which includes CBC, CBG, and CBD-V, alongside high amounts of CBD and safe traces of THC.

Current research indicates that these secondary cannabis compounds are among the most effective symptom-treaters, with CBC and CBG being associated with pain, inflammation, and tumor suppression, and CBD-V becoming known as a seizure-inhibitor—which helps explain ABSC’s study results.

We love the approach that Applied Basic Science takes to creating their pet CBD oil. Because the brand is so well-schooled on the benefits of different cannabis compounds, they’re able to target the owners and dogs who are likely to benefit most from their hemp strain:

Confusingly, ABSC calls their extraction broad spectrum, and it’s true that their oil does not contain every desirable cannabinoid. But in terms of general industry labels, their ingredient profile definitely falls into the full spectrum category.

We reached out to ABSC to find out about the oil used to carry their CBD extract, as we couldn’t find the information listed on their website.

The brand told us that they use a hemp seed oil carrier, which is our favorite type of carrier oil. Hemp seeds are a rich source of omega fatty acids, that help dogs to digest CBD, as well as being a dietary supplement in their own right.

In addition to their CBD extract and hemp seed oil carrier, ABSC uses a natural chicken flavoring to increase palatability. The flavoring is the same as is used in many canine treatments, and should help convince pickier dogs to take their CBD supplement.

We think that ABSC produces a high-quality product that’s particularly relevant to seizure-prone pups—something that’s underlined by hundreds of positive reviews.

What are owners saying?

Ashley F.
“The price is high but so far my dog has been using the CBD oil since 8/25/2020. His last seizure was on 8/23/2020. I feel like this is helping him.”

Carrie W.
Our dog participated in the CSU CBD study. We saw improvements during the study and chose to continue with the CBD treatment. It has made her seizures less severe, with less frequency.

“Both my dogs are seniors with a handful of physical issues and I am happy that they are less anxious and calmer since we started using the ABSC organic oil.”

Shipping and subscription

Signing up for automatic monthly delivery with APSC Organics saves owners a healthy chunk of cash, with a 20 percent discount on every order. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Our verdict

Applied Basic Science Organics is a different kind of CBD company. Instead of flashy branding or a large product range, they produce a single CBD tincture with some impressive scientific credentials. We’re big fans of any CBD brand that takes hemp farming and extraction so seriously.


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