CBD oil for dogs is gaining interest among healthcare experts and pet owners for its anti-inflammatory effects. As a hemp supplement, CBD oil can soothe the symptoms of common canine conditions like arthritis, seizures, cancer, and anxiety.

Top 10 CBD oils for dogs (at a glance):

  1. Best overall: Honest Paws Calm Oil
  2. Best for arthritis: CBDistillery
  3. Best for cancer: Charlotte’s Web
  4. Best for seizures: Receptra
  5. Best organic: NuLeaf Naturals
  6. Best value: Innovet PURCBD
  7. Best THC-free: Joy Organics
  8. Best isolate: Medterra
  9. Best dog treats: Honest Paws Calm Bites
  10. Best in Canada: Honest Botanicals

Finding the right CBD oil can be difficult

With the demand for pet CBD growing, new brands are constantly hitting the shelves. While many brands carry safe, tested products, others do not. There are also many factors behind CBD quality that are not always communicated by brands. How important are terms like “100% natural” or “organic”? Should you choose a product with absolutely zero THC or should you choose a more well-rounded full-spectrum CBD oil? We cover all of that in our buying guide below, as well as the factors we analyzed to determine the best CBD oil for dogs in 2022.

Our CBD oil for dog review process

We began with an analysis of CBD lab results from 38 different brands to ensure accuracy between the reported CBD levels in these lab results compared to the label. Next, we looked at the supporting level of different cannabinoids that help with CBD absorption. We also made sure to only include CBD pet products with THC-levels below the 0.3% safety threshold. Finally, we took into account 3rd party testimonials from real dog owners, as well as price, shopping experience, and ailment-specific ingredients. See our full scoring system here.

How we rank CBD oil for dogs:

  • Label accuracy (safety)

    Label accuracy is a good indicator of quality control, so we only recommend CBD oils when the amount of active ingredient matches the label within a 10% threshold.

  • Whole-plant extract (quality)

    The most effective CBD oils are unprocessed and retain a full spectrum of cannabis compounds. We review products for 7 different types of cannabinoid, including CBG, CBC, and pup-safe levels of THC.

  • Customer reviews (social proof)

    Knowing that others have benefited from CBD helps dog owners feel more confident about a product. We look at unbiased Google & Facebook reviews to see which brands are the most popular.

  • Other factors
    • Value for money – the cost per mg of CBD
    • Carrier oil – the oil in which a hemp extract is infused
    • Industry certification – accreditation from the NASC or US Hemp Authority
    • Shopping experience – shipping costs, guarantees, subscription offers, etc.

Best CBD for Dogs in 2022

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm Oil

Best overall CBD oil for dogs – Honest Paws Calm Oil

We love that Honest Paws is a pet-specific CBD company. Unlike many brands, they combine their expertise in CBD with a real understanding of dogs’ needs. The result is a high-quality hemp CBD and chamomile designed to maintain calmness and cognitive behavioral health.

Honest Paws Calm Oil is the brand’s most popular product. In our analysis of dozens of CBD oils for dogs from 38 different brands, it was the clear-cut winner, dominating all aspects of our review process.

  • Label Accuracy
    97.1% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    6/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping +$48, subscribe for 15% off

  • Carrier Oil
    Organic hemp seed oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.9/5.0 from 485 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

Independent lab tests performed on HP Calm oil show a whole-plant extract, with high levels of CBD and a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids. These include CBC, CBG, and CBN.

Honest Paws CBD quality


(Click for a full pdf of the lab report)

Consuming a full spectrum of cannabis compounds alongside CBD improves absorption and overall effectiveness. In our analysis, Honest Paws was one of only three brands to fully live up to the full-spectrum label, containing six of seven major cannabinoids.

Because HP Calm oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil, it contains traces of THC (0.1% to be exact). THC is a cannabis compound known for creating an intoxicating effect when consumed in high amounts. However, levels under 0.3% are both legal and completely safe for dogs.

In fact, we tend to prefer full-spectrum CBD oils with traces of THC, because its presence is a sign of a whole-plant extraction. This means a product isn’t made from highly processed hemp.

Honest Paws CBD accuracy

CBD levels in the lab test for HP Calm oil are a 97% match with the product label. This makes it one of the most accurately labeled CBD oils in our entire review.

While label accuracy might not seem like the most important factor in a CBD product, it’s a great sign of quality control and shows that a brand pays attention to detail. When the amount of CBD in a product varies, it can also become difficult for owners to find the correct dosage, meaning results can vary.

Honest Paws customer reviews & shopping experience

It’s always nice when a CBD product on paper matches what customers are saying. In our full Honest Paws CBD oil review, we found over 500 reviews from Google & Facebook, averaging 4.9/5 across all products. User reviews featured countless testimonials on product effectiveness, mild taste, and efficient customer service.

When it comes to customer service, Honest Paws offers those shopping from their website free shipping on orders over $48, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. A 15% discount is available for those who subscribe to monthly deliveries.

The final woof on Honest Calm Oil

We think that Honest Paws Wellness is the best overall CBD oil for dogs. With a high-quality CBD extract made from organic, non-GMO hemp, and a large number of outstanding customer reviews, this CBD oil is definitely a pedigree choice.

CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD oil for pets - 600mg

Best CBD oil for dogs with Arthritis – CBDistillery Pet Tincture

CBDistillery checks all the boxes of a great CBD oil for dogs, but we think it’s particularly suited to dogs with arthritis and joint degeneration.

Lab reports for CBDistillery’s full-spectrum oil show it contains six of seven major cannabinoids, including high levels of CBD-A, which is known to reduce pain and lower joint inflammation. In our analysis, CBDistillery was one of only four brands to offer products containing CBD-A, and possessed the highest levels of those four.

  • Label Accuracy
    96.2% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    6/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping +$75, subscribe for 20% off

  • Carrier Oil
    Hemp seed oil

  • Owner Reviews
    3.9/5 stars from 448 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

CBD-A has been shown in clinical studies to decrease inflammation in a similar way to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), but without the well-noted side effects in dogs. CBD-A is also a fragile compound that easily deteriorates when over-heated, so its presence in a CBD for dogs product is a sign of careful extraction.

CBDistillery for dogs lab reportOther evidence of product quality can be found in label accuracy—we found that CBD contents match the label by 96%. This quality CBD has resulted in 480 positive owner reviews with an average rating of 4/5.

We like that CBDistillery uses a premium carrier in the form of hemp seed oil made from non-GMO hemp. Hemp seeds are an awesome source of Omega fatty acids and should help dogs to keep their coats shiny and healthy.

The brand carries four different concentrations of CBD oil for dogs, from 150mg for smaller breeds ($30) to 2500mg for the largest pups ($168). The brand also sells CBD soft chews for owners who appreciate a pre-dosed format.

When shopping from the CBDistillery website, customers can access free shipping on orders over $75, and an impressive 20% discount for subscribers.

charlottes web cbd oil for dogs hemp extract drops

Best CBD oil for dogs with Cancer – Charlotte’s Web CBD for Dogs

This pet CBD tincture from Charlotte’s Web contains one of the richest cannabinoid extracts currently available for dogs made from premium Colorado-grown CBD.

Independent lab reports show high levels of CBC and CBG, which in addition to CBD, can help dogs manage the symptoms of cancer (some studies have even been shown to suppress tumor progression).

  • Label Accuracy
    100% accurate
  • Cannabinoids
    7/7 beneficial cannabinoids
  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping +$74, subscribe for 10% off

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil
  • Owner Reviews
    Minimal independent reviews
  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

Charlotte’s Web is one of the founding cannabis companies of the CBD movement, helping to pioneer the market for non-intoxicating cannabis products.

Charlotte's Web COAYears of manufacturing experience have contributed to a product that’s consistent, accurate, and provides great value for money. Prices range from 9 to 12 cents per mg of CBD depending on the bottle size.

Thanks to the careful cultivation of their own hemp strain, Charlotte’s Web’s CBD extract contains all seven major beneficial cannabinoids, making this a truly full-spectrum CBD oil. The brand’s hemp is currently sourced from 90% organic fields, though products are expected to be 100% organic by the end of the year.

Their CBD oil for pets comes in a chicken flavor option to promote palatability, as well as infusing CBD into several types of doggy treats and a topical balm for direct application. See more pet-related products in our complete Charlotte’s Web CBD for dogs review.

They offer customers free shipping on orders over $74 and a 10% discount if you sign up for repeat deliveries.

Receptra CBD Pet Tincture

Best CBD oil for dogs with Seizures – Receptra Pet Tincture

Receptra Naturals scored solidly across each of our ranking factors, making it a good all-around CBD oil for dogs. In our full analysis, we found their CBD extract contained the highest level of CBD-V of any product we’ve reviewed. Combined with an organic MCT carrier oil and great value for money, Receptra is our top recommendation for dogs with seizure conditions.

In clinical trials on the effectiveness of cannabis against fits and seizures, researchers have discovered that CBD and CBD-V show the most anti-convulsant potential of all cannabinoids.

  • Label Accuracy
    95.2% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping, 30-day guarantee

  • Carrier Oil
    Organic MCT/Coconut oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.8/5 stars from 206 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

In a study by researchers at Colorado State University, seizure-prone dogs were given a daily dose of 2.5mg CBD per kg of their body weight. The results? Pets experienced reductions in both the quantity and intensity of convulsions.

Of all the potential uses for CBD, the FDA has approved just one cannabis-based drug for use in humans. The fact that a federal agency moved so quickly is a testament to CBD’s anticonvulsant ability.

Receptra Naturals pet CBD oil is available in two concentrations—16mg and 25mg—with a cost of 6 cents per mg of CBD in the higher concentration. We think this is a great price for such a high-quality extract, and especially good news for owners of dogs with seizures, who may require long-term daily supplementation.

Free, no-minimum shipping is available on all orders made directly with Receptra. The brand also has a 30-day money-back guarantee for anyone who feels unsatisfied with their product.

NuLeaf Naturals full spectrum CBD tinctures for dogs

Best Organic CBD oil for dogs – NuLeaf Naturals

Being a natural plant product, it makes sense to seek out high-quality ingredients when searching for the best CBD. We think NuLeaf Naturals Organic CBD oil for dogs is a premium option by a brand that pays extra attention to the quality of their hemp and carrier oil.

In our detailed analysis of NuLeaf Naturals, we liked how the brand operates on a seed-to-shelf policy, meaning that they’re in control of the entire lifecycle of their product, from sowing seeds to shipping oil to consumers.

NuLeaf Naturals only use organic hemp plants grown in Colorado and irrigated with Rocky Mountain water. They infuse their extract into an organic virgin hemp seed oil carrier, which is full of beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants.

  • Label Accuracy
    93.5% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping, subscribe for 10% off

  • Carrier Oil
    Hemp Seed Oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.7/5 stars from 416 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

In terms of the extract itself, independent lab reports show NuLeaf’s CBD oil contains high levels of CBD-V—a compound known to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. That’s why we also feature this product in our list of the best CBD oils for dogs with seizure conditions.

Because they offer three different concentrations, NuLeaf can combine their quality manufacturing process with great value for money. Their highest-concentration option costs approximately one cent per mg of CBD.

Innovet CBD Oil tinctures for dogs

Best value CBD oil for dogs – Innovet PURCBD

Larger breeds and dogs with chronic conditions often need considerable amounts of CBD. This can be an issue for owners due to the considerable cost of most CBD products. When it comes to value for money, our pick is Innovet Pet’s PURCBD oil, thanks to their high-quality CBD extraction and large range of concentrations, which lets consumers get the most for their money.

In our full Innovet Pet review, we found that the brand has the cheapest cost per mg of CBD of any product we’ve analyzed. This is because Innovet offers its CBD oil in six different concentrations, from a 125mg bottle all the way up to a huge 6000mg. At the largest size, customers can pay less than a cent per mg of CBD.

  • Label Accuracy
    97.6% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    5/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping, subscribe for 15% off

  • Carrier Oil
    Hemp seed oil

  • Owner Reviews
    4.87/5 stars from 412 reviews
  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs

Despite the savings on offer, Innovet still uses a full-spectrum extract that contains industry-leading levels of a compound called CBD-A, which is known as a particularly powerful anti-inflammatory. Because of this, we also featured Innovet’s PURCBD in our list of CBD oils for dogs with arthritis and pain.

For consumers shopping directly from their website, Innovet offers free, no-minimum shipping and an impressive 15% discount for customers who sign up for monthly deliveries.

Joy Organics CBD oil for dogs

Best THC-free CBD oil for dogs – Joy Organics

All the CBD oils in this list are safe for dogs, and the products above only contain tiny traces of THC (below 0.3%).

Because this cannabis compound is famous for causing intoxication in higher doses, however, many owners feel uncomfortable with any amount of THC in their dog’s cannabis products. Others may be shopping from locations where only 0% THC oils are legal.

Joy Organics is aware of these needs and has developed a product that offers CBD’s benefits in a zero-THC format. Their CBD oil for dogs contains an organic broad-spectrum extraction, meaning it’s been modified to remove THC whilst still retaining good amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids, like CBG.

Because unprocessed, full-spectrum CBD oils are considered the most effective CBD products, our scoring system does slightly penalize broad-spectrum and isolate CBD oils. However, this shouldn’t be a concern for owners specifically looking for non-THC products:

  • Label Accuracy
    90.2% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    1/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping +$75, subscribe for 15% off

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil
  • Owner Reviews
    4.6/5.0 from 539 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs (0% THC)

We liked how this Joy Organics makes the different choice of using extra virgin olive oil as a carrier. Olive oil doesn’t have the same fatty acid profile as hemp seed or MCT oil, but it does blend well with food, and many dogs may be more receptive to its taste.

When customers shop directly from Joy Organics, they can enjoy free, no-minimum 5-day shipping. For those who subscribe for repeat orders, there’s a whopping 20% discount on offer.

Medterra cbd tincture for pets - beef flavor

Best isolate CBD oil for dogs – Medterra (use code COFD for 15% off)

CBD isolates go further than broad-spectrum oils by removing all cannabis compounds except CBD. This leaves an oil that’s highly predictable and easy to dose—if a little less potent than wider spectrum products.

We’ve chosen Medterra as our pick for best isolate CBD oil because of its US Hemp Authority certification, organic hemp, and an impressive number of positive independently verified reviews. In our Medterra CBD for dogs review, we liked how the brand infuses organic flavorings into their oil, with beef and chicken versions to help tempt picky pups.

  • Label Accuracy
    90% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    1/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free shipping +$75, subscribe for 15% off

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil
  • Owner Reviews
    4.6/5.0 from 539 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs (0% THC)

Owners of the tiniest dogs and those with certain pre-existing conditions may prefer to use CBD isolates because they allow for precisely measured, smaller doses. When shopping from Medterra’s website, customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $49, and a 25% discount when they use our promo code, COFD.

Honest Paws Calm Bites CBD dogs treats

Best CBD dog treats – Honest Paws Calm Bites

We chose Calm Bites as the best CBD oil for dog treats due to Honest Paws high-quality CBD oil and healthy surrounding ingredients. Made with the same full-spectrum CBD as their oil tincture products, along with organic barley, oats, and human-grade peanut butter.

HP’s Calm Bites target anxious and hyper behaviors in dogs, from nervousness and phobias to severe separation anxiety. While prescription medications for canine anxiety are available, many owners are wary of potential side effects and are keen to try less invasive solutions.

Honest Paws also has a line of Mobility, Relief, and Well Bites that focus on different canine symptoms.

Check out our complete list of best CBD dog treats here, or visit our Honest Paws review page to learn more about their line of CBD treats for dogs.

Honest Botanicals - CBD Oil for Dogs Bacon Flavoured

Best CBD oil for Canadian dogs – Honest Botanicals

While CBD is legal nationwide in Canada, transporting cannabis products across the border remains strictly prohibited. So for Canadian pups, this isolate CBD oil from Vancouver’s Honest Botanicals provides all the same benefits and manufacturing best-practices as the other CBD oils on this list.

Honest Botanicals Bacon Flavour CBD oil for dogs uses the same premium extract as their human CBD products, which is made from 100% Canadian-grown hemp. Lab tests show a 99.6% pure extraction, with no traces of solvents or pesticides.

The CBD is then infused into an organic MCT oil carrier, and flavored with natural bacon extract. An unflavored option is also available.

  • Label Accuracy
    95% Accurate

  • Cannabinoids
    1/7 beneficial cannabinoids

  • Shopping experience
    Free express shipping +$150 (Canada only)

  • Carrier Oil
    MCT/Coconut oil
  • Owner Reviews
    4.8/5.0 from 501 reviews

  • Safe THC
    Safe for dogs (0% THC)

Honest botanicals produce three different concentrations of their pet CBD oil. At. the more diluted end, there’s a 250mg version, which delivers around 8 mg of CBD per 1 ml dropper. The strongest concentration contains 1000mg of CBD, which equals out to approximately 33mg per dose. Pricing is competitive across sizes, allowing owners of all breeds and needs to receive decent value for money.

Reviews of Honest Botanical’s pet oil are particularly positive, with owners highlighting the product’s ability to improve mobility and decrease discomfort in dogs with chronic joint pain and arthritis. Specific successes include an 8-year-old lab who lost his limp, and a Chihuahua who no longer bites or barks at guests.

CBD basics

What is CBD oil?

Isolated green realistic hemp bush

CBD is a natural hemp extract, which is proven to reduce inflammation in dogs and humans. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, each with its own soothing properties.

Most CBD oils (and all CBD oils for dogs) are made from hemp plants. Hemp is the legal, non-intoxicating version of cannabis, and cannot cause a high. The mind-altering effects often associated with cannabis come from consuming a different, more potent type of cannabis plant called marijuana.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD works by affecting receptors in a part of humans’ and dogs’ bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is a far-reaching mechanism that plays a role in regulating inflammation across all major organs. It can be triggered by internal or external stressors. For example, a rise in ambient temperature, the presence of a perceived threat, a fever, or an insect bite can all activate the ECS.

Other bodily functions impacted by the ECS include digestion, coordination, immune function, mood regulation, pain, swelling, and sleep.

Taking CBD can support the ECS in returning the body to a state of homeostasis (balance), lowering stress and inflammation, and reducing pain, anxiety, and swelling.

Is CBD right for my dog?

CBD is a relevant supplement for any dog with an inflammatory-based condition. This includes:

  • Dogs with joint diseases like arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • Dogs with neurological or nerve disorders like epilepsy or seizures
  • Dogs with canine anxiety, including phobias, separation anxiety, and OCD
  • Dogs with allergies and skin irritations
  • Dogs with inflammation due to cancers, injuries, and surgical procedures

Happy dogs showing no signs of anxiety, inflammation, or chronic conditions, shouldn’t take CBD or any other wellness supplement without a good reason.

What’s the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

cbd oil and hemp leaf cartoon

To capitalize on the popularity of CBD products, many retailers have started selling hemp oils for humans and dogs. While both products are made from the same plant, hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same.

CBD oils contain cannabinoids extracted from hemp flowers. These are the anti-inflammatory ingredients that make CBD effective against canine disorders.

Hemp oils, on the other hand, are made by cold-pressing the seeds of hemp plants. While these oils are full of healthy polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, along with vitamins A, C, and E, they are not CBD.

To confuse things further, some CBD extracts are infused into hemp seed oil, making them a combination of both products.

Always read product labels and packaging carefully to check whether an oil actually contains CBD.

What’s the difference between full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil?

One of the confusing things about CBD oils is that they often contain other cannabis compounds besides CBD itself.

To help describe how many different types of compound are contained in a CBD oil, brands often use the term ‘spectrum’.

  • Full-spectrum CBD is an unprocessed, whole-plant extract. It contains CBD + all the cannabinoids found in the original plant.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD is a hemp extract that’s been processed to remove certain cannabis compounds. This is often done to comply with state laws.
  • Isolate or pure-isolate CBD is a hemp extract that’s been extensively processed to produce a CBD powder, containing no other cannabis compounds.

Table of cannabinoids - CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THCVWe prefer full-spectrum CBD oils because they allow dogs to experience the full benefits of hemp. Complementary cannabis compounds like CBG, CBN, and CBD-V have been shown in clinical studies to possess their own soothing qualities, and can enhance CBD’s effectiveness thanks to something called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect
says that cannabis compounds work synergistically, and are most effective when consumed in their natural form and ratios. When an oil contains a diverse range of cannabis compounds, dogs may feel more benefits than when supplementing with isolate CBD.

CBD brands put lots of time and effort into breeding hemp strains with a rich spectrum of cannabis compounds. As a result, two similar-looking full-spectrum CBD products may contain very different CBD extracts.

The best way to see exactly what’s inside a CBD extract is to read a product’s certificate of analysis, which is compiled by a third-party lab.

What is a CBD carrier oil and which type is best for dogs?

CBD is more effectively absorbed into the body when it’s consumed with quality fats. That’s one of the reasons why we think oil tinctures are better than other pet CBD products like treats or creams.

A carrier oil is the oil into which a CBD extract is infused. The best kinds of carrier oil are full of healthy fats, such as hemp seed oil and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

Hemp seed oil is our favorite carrier because it contains a balanced mix of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats. It’s also rich in antioxidants and amino acids, helping dogs keep their skin and coat in shape.

MCT oil is also a good choice for carrying CBD. It’s usually made from fractionated coconut, which has a milder taste than hemp seed oil while still aiding digestion.

Other, less popular options include olive oil and grape seed oils.

hemp seed CBD carrier oil graphic

Hemp seed oil

Is this carrier oil safe for dogs?


Does it have any additional benefits?
• High amounts of Omega fatty acids
• Anti-oxidizing and cholesterol inhibiting compounds

MCT oil CBD carrier oil graphic

MCT / coconut oil

Is this carrier oil safe for dogs?


Does it have any additional benefits?
• Promotes fast absorption into the body
• Reduces fat storage and may speed up CBD effects

Grapeseed CBD carrier oil graphic

Grape seed oil

Is this carrier oil safe for dogs?


Does it have any additional benefits?
• Contains antioxidant compounds

CBD carrier oil graphic

Other plant oils

Is this carrier oil safe for dogs?


Does it have any additional benefits?
Depends on the specific oil

Which CBD extraction method is best?

To extract CBD and other cannabis compounds from hemp plants, manufacturers use one of three established methods: CO2 extraction, solvent extraction, or oil infusion.

Buying dog-specific CBD products

What size CBD oil should I buy?

Most pet CBD brands offer products in several sizes to help owners get the best value for their dog’s needs. Because CBD dosages are calculated by weight, bigger dogs often need a lot more CBD oil than smaller breeds.

Pups with chronic conditions, such as recurrent seizures, may also need larger daily dosages than dogs with infrequent issues like phobias, who might only take CBD once every few months.

Owners of large dogs or dogs with ongoing conditions should look at high-concentration CBD oils. While they are more expensive than smaller-sized products, they usually offer a lower cost per mg of CBD, meaning that you’ll save money in the long run.

Should I buy CBD oils or CBD dog treats?

We generally recommend CBD oils over CBD treats for two reasons.

First, studies show that consuming CBD alongside high-fat foods can increase absorption into the body by up to four times.

Second, because CBD oils are more versatile than treats. Owners can decide exactly how much CBD their dog should get, and add it to their pup’s favorite foods, treats, or directly into their mouths.

CBD treats do have their benefits, though. Many owners prefer the convenience of a pre-made snack, and infusing CBD directly into foods can help reduce any strong plant flavors.

Where can I buy CBD oil for dogs?

  • In Idaho, a 2015 ruling by the Attorney General requires that CBD products “must both contain zero THC and be derived from one of the five identified parts of the cannabis plant.”
  • In Nebraska, the law on CBD and hemp products is currently changing, with hemp cultivation soon to begin in the state.
  • In South Dakota, industrial hemp was only legalized in March 2020.
  • In American Samoa, possession of CBD is illegal under the territory’s drug laws.

Giving CBD to your dog

How do I give my dog CBD oil?

CBD oil is a versatile product. Most owners give their dog CBD oil by mixing it into their dog’s food, but there are also benefits to dropping it directly into dogs’ mouths or rubbing it into an affected area.

How much CBD should I give my dog? (dosages)

Because CBD is unregulated, there are no official dosage recommendations for CBD and dogs. However, most owners begin by giving their dog 0.2 milligrams of CBD per pound of its body weight and move up from there.

So, if your dog weighs fifty pounds, a good starting dose would be 10 milligrams of CBD. If dogs tolerate CBD well without any side effects, then owners can begin to slowly increase dosages until benefits begin to take effect.

While it’s possible that CBD will begin to work soon after an initial dose, many owners find that effects are cumulative, and begin to show around a week or two after a consistent dosage schedule.

Here’s our full CBD oil for dogs dosage guide, which lays out exactly how much and how to give CBD to your pup.

How do I tell if my dog’s CBD oil is working?

CBD works differently for all dogs. Some owners have reported noticeable effects as soon as thirty minutes after a first dose, while others only seem to benefit after a week or more of daily supplementation.

Variances may be due to the quality of a CBD product, a dog’s individual condition, or genetic factors.

In general, three signs suggest CBD is beginning to improve a dog’s quality of life:

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

Dogs should never be given human CBD products made from marijuana plants (often labeled simply as ‘Cannabis CBD’). They should also never be given CBD oils that contain more than 0.3 percent THC, or pungent terpene profiles.

If a human CBD oil is made from industrial hemp and doesn’t contain significant levels of other cannabinoids or terpenes, it may be ok for dogs to consume. Remember to always follow dosages appropriate for animals rather than humans.

Can dogs overdose on CBD oil?

CBD does have a toxic level, so it is possible for dogs to overdose on CBD. However, that level is extremely high, at around 30 milligrams of CBD per kg of bodyweight. For most dogs, this is equal to more than an entire bottle of CBD oil in a single dose.

A higher dose of CBD doesn’t necessarily lead to stronger effects. In studies performed on humans, doses were found to be condition-specific. For example, higher doses that are effective in treating epilepsy may not affect other conditions such as anxiety, whereas lower doses are.

Does CBD oil for dogs have any side effects?

Compared to most traditional medications for dogs, CBD is extremely safe and has a highly favorable side effect profile. However, a minority of dogs may experience mild side effects when taking CBD. These include:

  • Sleepiness, fatigue, or lethargy
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vomiting
  • Ataxia (coordination issues / drunkenness)
  • Hyperesthesia (hyper-sensitivity / overwhelming sensations)

If dogs continue to display these or other side effects after taking CBD products, then supplementation should be stopped.

Will my dog get high on CBD oil?

No. Dogs may feel calmer and more relaxed when taking CBD, but correctly made CBD products are non-intoxicating and incapable of producing a high.

Always ensure your dog’s CBD oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC and is made from hemp plants.

Will my dog feel anything when they take CBD oil?

Dogs may feel calmer, more relaxed, or sleepy after taking CBD oil. Many dogs also show no outward behavioral signs of change.

CBD and canine healthcare

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

Because canine osteoarthritis is an inflammatory issue, CBD can soothe joint pain and reduce swelling, which often leads to increased mobility and wellbeing in dogs.

A recent study by Baylor College of Medicine found that four weeks of daily CBD supplementation significantly improves the symptoms of canine arthritis, as assessed by owners and independent veterinarians. Improvements were recorded for up to two weeks after supplementation was stopped.

In 2016, a study using CBD on rats with induced arthritis found that a transdermal CBD gel significantly reduced joint swelling.

Likewise, a similar study on mice with induced arthritis designed to mimic rheumatoid arthritis found that CBD improved the condition of mice’s hind paws and caused immunosuppressive effects on further arthritic damage.

Related: best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

CBD oil for anxious dogs

As intelligent and social creatures, dogs are particularly prone to anxiety. The two most common forms of canine anxiety are phobias and separation anxiety.

Phobias occur when dogs form negative associations with harmless places, objects, and people. Exposure to those stimuli can then trigger a panic response, causing a dog to whine, scratch, try to run, and even become aggressive.

Separation anxiety is the result of hyper-attachment, a behavioral issue where dogs become overly dependent on a member of their family.

While the effects of CBD on anxiety haven’t been directly tested in dogs, a review of studies on rodents and humans concluded that CBD was able to reduce anxiety behaviors related to PTSD, GAD, PD, OCD, and SAD.

Another study on rats, CBD was found to reduce contextually conditioned fear responses. CBD helped rats deal with anxiety triggers that were associated with particular contexts.

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CBD oil for dogs with seizures

Many breeds of dogs are susceptible to seizures, which can be environmentally caused or due to underlying health and genetic conditions.

Often, fits and convulsions are related to issues with dogs’ kidneys, livers, brains, and nervous systems. Other factors include the consumption of toxins, low blood sugar, and electrolyte deficiencies. Sometimes, however, no clear cause of a seizure is ever found.

For dogs, Scientists from Colorado State University who conducted a clinical trial found that 89 percent of those treated with CBD experienced reductions in seizure frequency.

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CBD oil for dogs with cancer

The most common cancers reported in dogs are mammary cancer (the risk of which can be reduced by spaying) skin cancer, bone cancer, and leukemia.

An increasing number of effective cancer treatments are making their way into veterinary practices from the world of human medicine. Today, dogs with cancer can receive chemotherapy, surgery, and courses of immunotherapy.

CBD is not a cure for cancer, and should never replace conventional treatments. But research indicates that cannabis compounds can play a significant role in helping slow cancer growth in dogs, as well as helping to soothe indirect symptoms.

Studies on the ability of CBD to reduce inflammation suggest that cannabis compounds can reduce the risk of cancers with inflammatory components. CBD oil can also help manage the pain and discomfort caused by traditional cancer treatments and is a less intrusive alternative to opioids.

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CBD oil for dogs with hip dysplasia

While hip dysplasia is more common in older dogs, its roots begin during puppyhood when uneven bone growth makes joint degeneration more likely later in life.

As dysplasia progress, dogs can become severely affected, with pain and inflammation making it difficult to run, walk, or move from a laying down position to standing up.

CBD can reduce symptoms associated with hip dysplasia and may help to prevent further joint damage.

In this way, CBD may be an appropriate alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which frequently cause unwanted side effects.

CBD oil for dogs with skin conditions

The topical application of CBD on dogs can directly soothe skin disorders and irritations, while regular CBD and hemp seed oil supplements help keep dogs’ skin and coat in good condition thanks to enriching Omega fatty acids.

In trials conducted on humans and mice, CBD was effective at reducing or curing conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, scarring, pruritus, inflammatory skin disease, and even skin cancer.

Do vets recommend CBD oil?

Because CBD is not yet approved by the FDA, veterinarians cannot prescribe CBD products. But that doesn’t mean animal healthcare experts aren’t acknowledging the benefits of CBD for dogs. Many vets are already using CBD oil with their own pets.

Legislation in a minority of states does allow vets to discuss (but not prescribe) CBD with pet owners.

Can dogs take CBD with other medications?

CBD is compatible with the vast majority of medications. However, dogs being treated with drugs that are metabolized by CYP450 enzymes shouldn’t take CBD.

This is because cannabis compounds have been known to inhibit how these enzymes break down drugs in the liver. This effect can also be caused by other foods and supplements, such as grapefruits and ginger.


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