Even though the science on CBD is still forming, exciting results are already emerging from studies. Here’s what we know about CBD’s ability to treat common canine conditions in a clinical setting.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Fear and nervousness are common across breeds, and can seriously affect a dog’s quality of life. CBD oil is gaining popularity as a natural anxiety treatment—with evidence mounting from owners and researchers alike.

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CBD Oil For Pain

There’s little worse than seeing dogs suffer, and chronic canine pain can degrade daily wellbeing. CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, and induce calm—and the research is starting to back this up.

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CBD Oil for Seizures

Canine epilepsy and other seizure-causing conditions can leave owners feeling helpless, with prescription drug courses often only working for limited periods. As a result, many are turning to CBD for an alternative treatment, and the science looks promising.

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CBD Oil for Cancer

With pups living longer lives, the senior dog population is increasing—and so are rates of canine cancer. Interestingly, evidence suggests that CBD can do more than soothe the symptoms of disease and side effects of treatment.

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The best CBD oils for dogs 2021

The results are in. After months of research, here are the CBD oils for dogs we think are leading the pack.