While they’re not featured in 2023’s reviews of the best CBD for dogs, we liked how MediPets combine organic, high-concentration CBD with great value for money.

Aside from their large dog formula, MediPets make several other CBD oils, as well as a range of CBD treats. Let’s check out who MediPets are, and what owners think about their products.

MediPets CBD Oil for Pets

Who is MediPets?

MediPets is a small CBD company with the unusual selling point of focusing solely on developing products for pets. Since they began, they’ve grown their customer base to over 100 thousand owners and satisfied pets.

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As a brand, MediPet’s online presence is relatively minimal, and they don’t offer much in the way of information about themselves or their production methods. However, we do know that all MediPets products are created from pet-friendly hemp, are third-party lab tested, and are made in the USA. The hemp used by MediPets is also 100% organically-grown, which is a great sign of the brand’s commitment to creating quality therapeutics.

Best MediPets CBD oils and treats for dogs

  • Medipet’s CBD extract is infused into a vegetable glycerin-based carrier. It’s offered in 9 different concentrations, which are sorted into three size categories (small dog, medium dog, and large dog), and three strengths (regular, strong, and extreme).

  • We think ‘extreme’ is a strange word to use for the maximum strength oils, as dosages should always be judged based on a careful assessment of how a dog reacts to CBD. In other words, if a heavy pup requires a large dose of CBD to feel its benefits, this shouldn’t be thought of as extreme.
  • But regardless, we do like that Medipet’s multiple configurations allow owners to experiment within the different size guide categories, gradually moving up to higher doses to see more effects.

MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs

MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs
  • Organic hemp

  • Vegetable glycerin carrier

  • 16 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

Here’s how the different CBD concentrations line up in Medipet’s CBD oil for Large Dogs:

  • Regular strength contains 100mg of CBD, or 3.33 mg per ml.
  • Strong strength contains 350mg of CBD, or 11.67mg per ml.
  • Extreme strength contains 550mg of CBD, or 18.33 mg per ml.

Price per mg of CBD

While it’s normal for higher concentration CBD oils to offer better value for money, we like it when brands take steps to keep the price per mg of CBD as consistent as possible across their different products.

Here, Medipets does a pretty good job of keeping a consistent value for money, though the Extreme Strength version of their large dog oil is almost three times better value than the regular strength, at 50 and 16 cents per milligram respectively.


Strangely, Medipets lists all of their products as containing full spectrum CBD oil, while the results of their independent lab tests don’t find any significant traces of other cannabinoids or terpenes besides CBD. This is likely to leave consumers (and us!) confused over the exact extraction and spectrum present in Medipet’s products.

The best guess we can make is that, although a full spectrum extraction may have taken place, the hemp plants that Medipet use contain high concentrations of CBD and a narrow profile of other cannabinoids, resulting in a product that contains CBD and no other beneficial cannabinoids.

Carrier oil & Additional Ingredients

Most pet CBD brands used one of two carrier oils to deliver their CBD extraction: hemp seed oil or MCT (coconut) oil. Medipet uses neither of these oils, instead opting for Vegetable Glycerin, which is often produced from soybeans or palm oils. While it’s more often found in cosmetics and medical balms than in edible products, it’s non-toxic and perfectly edible. It even has a slightly sweet, syrupy taste, which may be why Medipet’s chose to use it.

Along with the carrier oil, Medipets also adds propylene glycol to their CBD formula. Because we’ve never seen this in a CBD oil before, we had to look it up! According to the FDA, propylene glycol is often added to food products to help maintain moisture and consistency, and is “generally recognized as safe” for consumption.

While we’re not sure why Medipet deems it necessary to include propylene glycol in their oil recipe, we do know the majority of CBD oil brands don’t include additives in their products. However, we appreciate that Medipet are offering something different from the norm when it comes to carrier oils.

What are customers saying?

Some owners got in touch with MediPet to reveal how they’d been using the CBD oil on their dogs. Popular methods including dropping CBD oil on treats to help improve dogs’ appetite, and intensive courses of CBD therapy to help pups recover from painful procedures: “This helped my mastiff heal from knee surgery faster and with less pain. Love this product!”

MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs

MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs
  • Organic hemp

  • Vegetable glycerin carrier

  • 28 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

Even though Medipet separates its CBD oil into several different weight categories and strengths, each product uses the same cannabis extraction and carrier oil. For their Medium Dog blend, the strengths are as follows:

  • Regular strength contains 50mg of CBD, or 1.67 mg per ml.
  • Strong strength contains150 of CBD, 5.0 mg per ml.
  • Extreme strength contains250 of CBD, 8.33 mg per ml.

Price per mg of CBD

As expected, the cost per mg of CBD of these medium strength oils falls right in the middle of MediPet’s range, at approximately 80 cents for the regular strength product, down to only 28 cents for the extreme strength.

Spectrum, Carrier oil & Additional ingredients

Again, Medipet lists this oil as full spectrum, while the lab results suggest there’s only CBD here. CBD isolate oils are still effective at treating a majority of canine symptoms, but if you’re looking specifically for a full spectrum product, there are many pet CBD oils out there that contain a wide range of cannabinoids.

What are customers saying?

Reviews suggest that MediPets have pitched the CBD concentration in these oils in the right place for medium sized dogs. Interestingly, one owner reported that her Puggle, ‘Cinnamon’, has used this product to combat her separation anxiety after being recommended a course of CBD by her vet.

MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs

MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs
  • Organic hemp

  • Vegetable glycerin carrier

  • 50 cents per mg of CBD

For the smallest of pups, MediPets has formulated their CBD oil into three smaller concentrations. Here are the strengths:

  • Regular strength at 25mg of CBD, or 83 mg per ml.
  • Strong strength at 50 mg of CBD, or 1.67 mg per ml.
  • Extreme strength at 100mg of CBD, or 3.3 mg per ml.

What are customers saying?

According to the reviews, small dogs seem to like the CBD concentrations offered by this version of the MediPet oil. One poodle found that just a drop of CBD oil per day was enough to stop relying on the pain medications prescribed by her vet.

MediPets CBD Treats for Pets

MediPets CBD Dog Treats
  • Organic hemp

  • 40 cents per mg of CBD

While MediPets’ treats do contain real meats and whole products, they also use a concerning amount of artificial and/or processed ingredients. We looked over the ingredient list of each flavor option, and didn’t find any formula that met the high standards of quality offered by a majority of other CBD treat providers.

If you do choose to feed your dog MediPet’s CBD treats, bear in mind that they contain ingredients widely considered to be unhealthy, such as cornMeal, poultry by-product Meal, beef and bone meals, and corn syrup.

All of MediPet dog treats contain 100mg of CBD, in various concentrations depending on the number of snacks contained. Each snack contains between 3 and 5 mg of CBD depending on their size.

That’s where the similarities stop, as each product offers a different flavor, texture, and snack size. We love how MediPet has taken the time to produce such a variety of treat options, as owners can often be forced to move on from a CBD brand if their dog decides they don’t like the flavor or texture of their treats.

Different CBD treat options by MediPets include:

  • Beef Wraps
  • Meaty Steak Treats
  • Wavy Bacon and Cheese Bites
  • Kabobs
  • Speciality Dog Biscuits
  • Jerky Sticks

Price per mg of CBD

Because they’re all offered at the same price, and all contain the same amount of CBD, each MediPet treat offers the same value for money—at least in terms of CBD concentration. We calculated the cost per milligram of CBD at approximately 40 cents.

Our verdict

MediPets only produces CBD products for pets, so you might reasonably expect them to offer some of the most effective, beneficial CBD options on the market. Unfortunately, however, there are just too many drawbacks for them to be considered among the best CBD oils or treats for dogs. With a narrow spectrum and a high cost per mg of CBD, there are better deals for owners out there.

Medipet does offer an impressive range of CBD oil concentrations, meaning that, if your dog thrives on a very specific dosage, this brand might be one to consider. That said, we can’t find good evidence for why MediPet’s carrier oil, vegetable glycerin, should be preferred over hemp seed or MCT oil.

As for MediPet’s treats, we appreciated the variety of flavors and textures on offer, but the presence of several processed and artificial ingredients means that these should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet.


When products are purchased through our site, we may receive a commission. Always check manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date information. All our product recommendations are based on our experts’ opinions and thorough consumer research, including our list of best CBD oils for dogs in 2023.