Kentucky Crafted is a CBD company that clearly love their state. Drawing on the rich history of hemp farming in Kentucky, this brand is proud to produce homegrown, full-spectrum CBD products for dogs, infused with some distinctly Kentuckian flavorings. While they didn’t make 2022’s list of the best CBD oil for dogs, we think they’re still a solid choice. Here’s what we liked about Kentucky Crafted.

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Who is Kentucky Crafted?

Kentucky Crafted mainly produces products for the human market—things like small-batch creams, gummies, and more potent CBD oils. But their CBD oil for dogs is still a well made, carefully developed supplement. Using family farmers, many of whom have generational traditions stretching back to the days when hemp farming was widespread in Kentucky, Kentucky Crafted is on a mission to revive this aspect of the state’s history.

As one of a growing number of small to medium sized hemp brands operating out of the state since the relaxation of restrictions, Kentucky Crafted set themselves apart by only working with plants certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, and by infusing their oils with flavors like hickory bacon, traditionally associated with rural Kentucky.

Best Kentucky Crafted CBD oils and treats for dogs

Kentucky Crafted CBD Oil for Dogs

Kentucky Crafted hickory bacon flavor cbd oil for dogs
  • Full spectrum

  • Hemp seed oil, Hickory Bacon flavoring, Chicken flavoring

At just 8 cents per milligram of CBD, Kentucky Crafted’s full spectrum CBD extract with a hemp seed oil carrier is great value for money, coming in at the lower price point for a US-grown, non-organic oil. The brand uses its own proprietary hemp strain, which is always a sign of quality in full spectrum products, as it means that producers are aiming for a specific combination of primary and secondary cannabis compounds in their extraction. Add a CO2 extraction process, carried out in food-grade facilities that are FDA certified and inspected, and the result is an oil of the highest quality.

To help combat the sometimes bitter taste of full spectrum hemp extracts, Kentucky Crafted has infused their oils with suitably Kentuckian flavorings. Both their hickory Bacon and Chicken options are made from natural flavoring, so owners needn’t worry about using this oil as many times per day as their dog needs.

Shipping and subscription

Kentucky Crafted offers free postage on orders over $74.99. We couldn’t find a subscribe and save option.

Our verdict

Kentucky Crafted CBD production process is first-rate, making their CBD from their own strain of certified hemp.


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