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Whether in the form of a treat, cream, or oil tincture, pet CBD is changing the lives of dogs across the country for the better. At, we encounter these success stories every day, from encouraging new data about the effect of CBD on canine arthritis, to the thousands of positive owner testimonials we survey when compiling our product reviews.

The truth is that CBD is a highly safe alternative to traditional therapeutics and pharmaceuticals. If it’s grown, extracted, and dosed correctly, it has an extremely low toxicity level and a limited side effect profile, the most common of which is mild drowsiness.

Despite this, it’s important to make sure that CBD is the correct treatment for your pet. There are some dogs for whom CBD isn’t the best option, and others who would benefit more from different sorts of therapy. Here are seven questions that owners can ask themselves to help make sure CBD is the right choice for their pup.

A note on side effects:

As said, CBD has a favorable side effect profile, with far lower reported effects than the vast majority of traditional prescription medications. However, minor side effects from CBD consumption have been reported by some owners. These include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vomiting
  • Ataxia (coordination issues / drunkenness)

The reasons behind these side effects are not entirely known, though researchers believe they are often associated with low purity CBD or with extremely high or long term dosages of the cannabis compound.